Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party and Patch

Friday Landon had his school Halloween party. It was alot of fun. They played all kinds of carnival games and won prizes. When it was time for treats, Macee wanted to sit at Landon's table with his classmates and have a snack too!!!

Landon was just a little excited:)

This is his group he sits with. He LOVES that it is all girls for two reasons: 1. he loves girls and 2. girls are good listeners so his group wins a treasure box treat at the end of the day:)

After the party we went to the pumpkin patch. Trying to get a picture of them together is exhausting!!!!!!!!!!

So pretty!

She like to sit on the pumpkins like they were little chairs.

Love her to pieces!

These tricyles were sooo cute!!! Macee loved riding back there!!! She would have done it for days if Landon would have let her!!!

Landon found his perfect pumpkin!

Macee got to ride her first pony. She loved it!!

Of course, he loved it too!

I hate carving pumpkins. I just have no patience to sit and make a design. I also don't like putting my hand inside either. So it's a good thing Marc has patience for it!!! Landon and Marc carved 3 pumpkins that night.

Macee had fun cleaning out a pumpkin too!!! She even tasted it and was very shocked at how it tasted:)

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