Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve and Day 2011

We had a great Christmas this year. It was bittersweet of course since Marc was in New Mexico working. The great news is that Marc starts his new job in March and he will have a NORMAL job with normal hours and no traveling on Christmas and being gone for 30 days at a time!!! WAHOOOO!!!! On Christmas Eve we had Christmas with Nana at our house. Here is a Uncle Luke helping Landon with his Inventions Kit.

Sweet Laura - my future SIL, Nana- Marc's mom and of course Miss Diva, didn't want to look at the camera :)

On Christmas Eve night we went over to Marc's dad for Christmas. It was of course a crazy and fun night with TONS of gifts, food, and family. Landon loves his two cousins Ben and Tanner.

Macee and sweet Gavin became fast friends, they have not seen eachother since they were babies!

On Christmas morning we celebrated Christmas at my parents house. My grandparents are in town from Iowa for a few weeks and we were so excited to have them here for Christmas!! This is my grandpa opening a gift.

Macee and Landon opened gifts from Santa in their jammies and then we showered and went for round 2 of gifts from the grandparents!!!

Santa brought Macee and big doll house!! She was so happy!

She loved her princess chair too!

Landon was SOOO excited about his Star Wars Lego set.... glad I am NOT the one building that thing!!!!! It's all you MARC!! HA!!!

My sweet grandma:)

Carrie and Madden!

My parents got Macee a new bike, it is so pretty and sparkly!!

Just taking it all in. :)

My wonderful parents!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with so many family members! I am so happy that next year our Christmas photo will include Marc:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rhema and Gingerbread traditions!

We took Landon and Macee to Rhema a few weeks ago. They of course LOVED it!! Doing things like this with Macee is so fun, even though she went last year, she of course doesn't remember so everything is so new and exciting!

We went and ate at Dave and Buster's before we went. Landon had so much fun!

We make a Gingerbread house every year.... and every year they turn out awful!! It is almost like a joke now. We really do try.. we just really struggle in gingerbread house building! Oh well!! We have fun tryin'!

I guess I never took a finished picture... oh darn;)

Santa at Bass Pro

We took the kiddos to see Santa at Bass Pro. Macee went with Ms. Tammy a few weeks earlier. Ms. Tammy said she sat on his lap but would not smile- we have the picture, it is so funny! I was just shocked she got on his lap. I really wanted a pic of her and landon together, so we talked her into sitting on his lap again!

I just love the look on her face. She looks so pitiful. :( It is much better then last years!!! Maybe next year we will get a smile!!

Daddy telling her everything will be okay! That's what Daddy's are for :)

Landon turns 7!

Landon had a baseball/Cardinals birthday party this year. Surprise surprise! HA! We had the neighbor girls over and family. We wanted to get a baseball pinata and all they had was a Texas Rangers one, so Marc bought it and said we could beat the crud out of them again! HA!!!

He had a great party. He was just really low key about it this year. He wanted a party at home and he really didn't even want friends to come! I invited some anyway! He just wanted to get toys!!!! I guess it's his age, maybe... We didn't mind, it was a fun and relaxing party with good friends and family. Landon has really grown up alot between the age of 6-7. He is interested in baseball, basketball, legos, karate, Angry bird, and Big Time Rush.

Pumpkin Town

Every year we take the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to carve. I took some great pics of them this year. I think she is just beautiful!!!!

Great choices!!!!

sibling love!

Halloween 2011

Every year we go trick or treating with family and all our neighbors. It is such a fun night!! This year Madden was old enough to join in on the fun! Madden the Monkey :)

Albert Pujos and Army Guy Ben!

This is the big group of kiddos that all go trick or treating together! We have been doing it for about 4 years!

Of course, Landon wanted to be Albert for Halloween. I even painted a goatee on him! :)

Macee was the cutest Minnie Mouse ever!!! She loved Halloween!!! After every house she would come running back to Marc and I saying " I got skittles", even if she got something else. :) She is ALL about the candy!! Landon is all about the fun and dressing up, he could careless about the candy still. Macee had her whole bag eaten in abou 2-3 days. We hid hers and then we found her digging through her brother's candy stash! :)

Oklahoma Pirate Baseball

Landon played summer baseball and then he played fall baseball for the Oklahoma Pirates. The kid lives for baseball!!!! It is his absolute favorite thing to do, play, watch, and talk about!!!! He is doing so good and it really started to look like actual baseball this past fall. I enjoy his games so much! Marc was able to help out alot this season and we all enjoyed spending our weekends at the ball fields. Landon and Marc were also thrilled that the Cardinals won the World Series this year, but that is a whole different blog post in itself!!!

Macee and Bryson have been friends since they were babies. There big brothers play every sport together, so they are always together! Bryson started to tell eveyone that Macee was his girlfriend a few months ago, and now Macee has started telling everyone that he is her boyfriend. :) They are sooo sweet!!!!

His favorite position to play is first base. He loves Albert Pujos and wanted to be #5 this year because he said Pujos is his hero. Not sure what he will be now that Pujos is no longer a Cardinal.... We will cross that bridge come spring baseball :)


I feel so guilty about not blogging in 6 months!!! I feel bad that when my kids go back and look at our family blog there will be so many memories missing!! They grow up so fast that I just really want to capture and remember each moment in our blog. I have been SOOO busy teaching again with Marc traveling so much I just have no time or energy to blog! But, I have to make a better effort to keep up!!!! It has been so long since I have blogged, I can't even get the blogger website to work right!! GRRRRR!!!!! Oh well! I took these pictures back in October when the kids were playing outside at my parents. I love these pics and wanted to post a few!