Saturday, October 23, 2010

Safari with the Flusche's

Marc's oldest brother, his wife, and their two kids are in town for one month from Bahrain. We went to a drive thru Safari in AR on Thursday with them and Marc's dad and his wife Beth. We all had such an awesome time!!! I could not believe how close to your car the animals get!!! Landon was taking a picture of an Ostrich with the window down and it grabbed his camera right out of his hands and threw it on the ground!! Luckily, his aunt got out and saved it!!!
Macee and Gavin loved feeding the horses.
Landon and his Cousin Tanner are only 23 hours apart.

Daddy's Girl

John and Beth with the zebras

Macee loved sitting on everyone's lap during the drive thru part.

Closest I have ever been to a wild animal!!!!! This was taken from the car window!

Zebras just walking right next to the car.

This llama did not like Marc talking to him:)

This is Marc's brothers truck, getting a close up!

They had a great petting zoo as well.

Our Family!

Paul, Jann, Tanner, and Gavin

Sweet baby girl:)

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