Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009!!!!

We had a great Christmas this year. Marc was able to be home from the rig so that was a huge PLUS!!!!! I can not even imagine Christmas with out him!!! We went to visit Marc's mom at her house a few days before Christmas. Landon loves playing with her new puppy. He carries it around like it is a stuffed animal! Sorry I have no pictures from that visit... On Christmas Eve we went to Matt and Ashley' s and ate and let LAndon and his cousin Ben play. It started snowing really bad while we were over there. We braved the roads and the blizzard and went to six o'clock mass. After mass we headed over to Marc's dads for dinner and presents. It was quite a drive!!! We saw so many cars in the ditch! I was a nervous wreck!! Here are some pics from that night.

Unlce Luke and AJ got the boys flight suits!!! It was a HUGE hit!!!!
Landon and Ben with plastic Santa, he is pretty much part of the Flusche Family :)

This is Macee on Christmas morning!!! She had pink eye and congestion so bad...poor baby. She loves the presents!! She loved the paper of course and the bows. But she would really smile at all her new toys.

This is a view from our living room on Christmas morning. On Christmas day we went over to my parents house for more presents and dinner. My mom has so many presents she couldn't even remember where she hid them all!!! She kept bringing more out after we thought we were done!!!

Macee loves her Bumpa!!!

and her Mamaw!!

Opening presents at Mamaw and Bumpas.

Had to get a picture of Macee in her furry coat!!!

Macee patiently waiting present time :)

This is ONE of Macee's new toys, Landon likes telling her what everything is and how it works, it makes him feel old and important!!! hehe.
We had such a great Christmas, we are very blessed to have such a wonderful family around us!! I can only pray that every Christmas is filled with such great memories as this one. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet and Serious Soldier

We had another great weekend enjoying the Christmas spirit! Landon helped his Grandma bake sugar cookies at her house. He loves putting the frosting and the sprinkles on. The more sprinkles the better!! We also had his Christmas play at church on Sunday. We have been going to rehersals the past two Sundays, so Landon was very excited that it was finally time for the "real show". He chose to be a soldier and he said "soldiers are mean and do not smile, I have to be tough in the play", so that is what he did! He was so happy that so many family members came to watch him!! He has a great fan base!!! He even waved and said hi to cousin Ben from the stage, it was to cute!!!

Macee loves her Bumpa (and his beard) :)

Singing along

VERY serious soldier

He loves to wear customes, so this was right up his alley!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

School Musical

Landon had his school Christmas program on Friday. His class sang 3 songs. He was very excited to play the symbols (sp?) in one song and be a King in another! He did an awesome job!!!

Daddy and Macee cheering Bubba on!
Sweet little king

He is a natural ;)

Gingerbread house extravaganza!

We had awful luck this year with our gingerbread house! Landon and I did one while Marc was at work, and had to throw it away cause the roof kept falling off. Landon was very upset so we got another one with daddy. Well, when we took it out of the box the roof was broken into ten pieces!! Marc tried to save it several times, we even tried duck tape and painters tape!!! So I came to the rescue when I used a piece of cardboard as the roof!!! Landon was so excited that we did not have to throw it away again!!!

Finished product, cardboard in all!!!
It's a beauty!!!

Sweet boy

Working my magic!

This is just the beginning, I think the roof was only in 6 pieces at this point!!!!

Christmas Jammies!!!

I love Christmas jammies!! I was so excited to get Landon and Macee matching Christmas jammies this year!! We all had them on last night and it was alot of fun! I have some also, but of course none of the pics with me tourned out, they were either blurry (thanks Marc) or I looked awful ;) Anyway enjoy the kiddos!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Traditions!

We did several fun Christmas things this weekend. We took Landon and Macee to see the lights at Rhema. We baked Christmas cookies and went to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. Having a five year means, we have to do EVERY thing we have done the years before! He does not forget anything and everything has a special meaning to him. It is fine with me because I like doing them also!!!

Landon and Mommy on the bridge at Rhema
Daddy and Landon feeding the ducks at Rhema

Landon decorating sugar cookies. We took some over to the neighbors also.

Macee had a great time watching everyone decorate!

Landon with Santa at Bass Pro, this is his 2nd time this week to see Santa! We saw him at the mall also, I will post that pic later of him and Macee with Santa.

Landon mailing his letter to Santa.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

We have been so busy lately with Landon and Marc's birthday festivities!!! No matther how I upload the pictures they never end up in the right order!!!!

Landon had a pirate party and the kids really enjoyed smacking the pirate pinata!! So did I!!!
Landon and his party guests!!!

Make a wish!!

I made each child a treasure map and hid treasure chest outside. They had a great time finding the chests and getting there loot!!!

Party Decor

Landon wanted to go to El Tequila for his actual birthday dinner. We have been eating here since he was a tiny baby!! He loves the queso and really wanted to wear the sombrero and be song to by the waiters!!! We had a great time with my parents, Carrie, and Josh.

On Marc's birthday we went downtown to the outdoor ice skating rink. We had so much fun!!! Landon and I skated and he was really good!!! They had a huge lighted Christmas tree and lots of great Christmas music. It really put us in the Christmas spirit!!

Macee and Marc cheered Landon and I on from OUTSIDE the rink!


Such great memories made! Might have to make it a tradition!

Sweet :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have noticed that someone in Dillingham, Alaska looks at our blog alot and I was wondering if it is a family member? If you are that person leave a comment and let us know :)

Landon is 5!!

Landon turned 5 yesterday and I could hardly believe it!!! I told Marc I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I am so proud of the little man he has become. He is such an outgoing, fun loving, and energetic five year old boy. I love him more and more everyday. He is so special to me. I will post some pics of his birthday dinner last night when I post the ones from his party coming up this Saturday. He is counting down the days!!! He had his 5 year check up today and was thrilled when he found out he doesn't need anymore shots until he is 12! His response to that was " I will be so big by then they won't even hurt me, I will probably be to strong for shots to hurt by then". Happy Birthday Landon, Mommy and Daddy love you and adore you!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Baby!!

I took these pics of Macee for a Christmas frame. She was just a riot during them, she giggled the whole time I took them!! Her onesie says "Santa Baby", I love it!!! She is really starting to let her personality show more and more lately. She is also going through a VERY clingy stage. She cries when I leave the room now. She can turn the tears on and off like a light switch (typical girl:) Enjoy my little sweetie pie!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We are ready for Christmas!!!

Macee enjoyed watching us decorate the tree
Get Down!!!

So careful!

Yes, we already put up our lights, tree, and other decorations!! Landon and I could not wait any longer!!! Landon has so much fun getting the house ready. He helped Marc hang the outside lights and loves putting ornaments on the tree. His favorite part is looking at all of his ornaments that he hasn't seen in a year. He gets a few each year for Christmas and oddly enough he really appreciates them!!! I must say he gets that from me, I love ornaments!!! I believe a tree can never have to many ornaments!!! Landon even has a small tree in his room that he enjoys turning on at night while we read his bedtime story. Macee enjoys looking at the lights on the trees also!! We are already counting the days till Santa comes!!!