Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special School Events

Landon has been a busy boy at at school the past few weeks. He was Star Student last week. I took a few pics of his area.

He brought 3 things to show: his light sabor, a baseball trophy, and a batman plane. He also brought his favorite books, Curious George Makes Pancakes and Curious George at the Parade.

The top left says, "I am special because: I am a good big brother and I am a good friend"

Landon's class led rise and shine last week. Landon was soooo excited to talk on the real microphone infront of the whole school!!! He had lots of speaking parts and did great!!!!

He memorized all his lines:)

Last week was Jog-a-Thon and the Kindergarten won the much covetted award "The Spirit Stick" They won this by decorating their hallway with school spirit and by saying a cheer at the Jog-a-thon assembly.

As many of you know, Landon is VERY competitive and takes jog-a-thon very serious. The top runners and fundraisers in each class earn medals. Landon won a medal both years of Pre-K. He was thrilled both times. This year a couple days before jog-a-thon he told me his goal in life was to win a medal every year until 8th grade!!! Well...... on the night before jog-a-thon landon got SICK!!!! He was soooo upset!!! He was still vomiting the next day at noon, when his class was suppose to run. He told me to take him to school and he could just throw up as he was running..... Did I mention my child is competitive?!?!?! Anyway, let's just say he learned a life lesson that day. On Monday they had the rewards assembly and Landon was SOOOO shocked when he won a medal for fundraising for his class!!!!!!!!! It made his day!!!! He could not have won this without all the support from his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and neighbors!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Landon with his medal:)
First thing he said when he got in the car after school that day " Welp, looks like I might still reach my goal"

Here is a fun picture from Hat Day and Wear Red Day for Red Ribbon Week.
Today was the 50th day of school and the Kindergarten dressed in 50's attire. I will post some pics from that later! He looked adorable!!!

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  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad he got a medal for jog a thon! I love all of the stuff he brought for Star Student :)