Monday, October 4, 2010

Macee is 17 Months!

Macee is 17 months and it makes me very sad:( She is growing up so fast. She is alot of fun at this age, I just don't like the fact that she is getting closer to two. Macee is still a great sleeper, she will sleep 12 hours at night and 2-2.5 hours during her nap. She still eats okay, she is getting pickier the older she gets. Macee loves dogs and shoes. Every morning she goes into the laundry room and brings everyone their shoes for the day. She will then bring her shoes to you so you will put them on her. She does this so we can all go outside and play!!! She LOVES to go through my bathroom drawers while I am getting ready. She will take everything out and then pretend to put on make-up! ha! She still loves going to the little gym and she is even starting to like the nursery at my gym. She finally stopped crying when I take her in there. It only took 15 months!!!! She can say a few words: mama, dada, bubba, bubbles, night night, hi, bye, up, doggy, Bumpa, more, cheese, mine, ball.. and thats about it. For EVERYTHING else she just grunts!!! It is a loud grunt too!!! She loves to take her diapers and any other trash and throw it away. She like to help clean up her toys:) She, like all toddlers loves cellphones, remotes, cameras, etc. She will pick up the camera and point it to herself and say CHEESE and she is still doing that crazy goofy grin, where she sqwints her eyes and raises her forehead! We can not go get family pictures taken until she is out of that stage!!! She loves to be held on HER terms. She LOVES her pacy(not sure how we will ever break her from it) and taggie blanket. She will carry her taggie with her everywhere. She does not even know the TV exist, she will not even watch Sesame Street! She loves to do what Landon is doing, that is how I get her to brush her teeth! She likes to ride any ride on toy outside and loves her little friends in the cul-de-sac. She still has the cutest little booty shake when she walks. I think she is pretty much perfect! I love staying home with her everyday! She is truely our little princess!!! I love you sweet baby girl:)


  1. go get the family pics done even if she does that! It's a good memory, Christy!! That is what photos are all about, catching a moment. Right???