Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Field Trip

Landon's kindergarten class had their first field trip of the school year on Thursday. They went to the Livesay Orchard in Portor. Macee and I were able to come along and we had such a great time!!! Here is Landon's sweet class.

They were able to pick 2 apples from the apple trees!

Macee had such much fun playing with the apples that were on the ground.

She was being so funny, she was trying to carry as many apples as she could! She has 2 in her hands and is trying to pick up a third one here.

Such a little ham:)

Landon was very picky about the apples he wanted to pick, he had to find the perfect ones!

They also got to pick a pumpkin from the patch. Macee kept finding the tiniest pumpkins and she would carry it around and cuddle it up to her cheek!!!

She was so happy out there with all the children and pumpkins. I just loved how she kept finding ones that were perfect for her little hands:)

Landon and his pumpkin

Landon listening to the tour guide.

Having some fun with Dani.


They had such a nice hay maze!!! It was HUGE!!! Landon loved running through it!

The three of us had such a fun day and we are looking forward to his next field trip:)

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