Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Baby!!

I took these pics of Macee for a Christmas frame. She was just a riot during them, she giggled the whole time I took them!! Her onesie says "Santa Baby", I love it!!! She is really starting to let her personality show more and more lately. She is also going through a VERY clingy stage. She cries when I leave the room now. She can turn the tears on and off like a light switch (typical girl:) Enjoy my little sweetie pie!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We are ready for Christmas!!!

Macee enjoyed watching us decorate the tree
Get Down!!!

So careful!

Yes, we already put up our lights, tree, and other decorations!! Landon and I could not wait any longer!!! Landon has so much fun getting the house ready. He helped Marc hang the outside lights and loves putting ornaments on the tree. His favorite part is looking at all of his ornaments that he hasn't seen in a year. He gets a few each year for Christmas and oddly enough he really appreciates them!!! I must say he gets that from me, I love ornaments!!! I believe a tree can never have to many ornaments!!! Landon even has a small tree in his room that he enjoys turning on at night while we read his bedtime story. Macee enjoys looking at the lights on the trees also!! We are already counting the days till Santa comes!!!


I got Macee the cutest shoes the other day and she loves them!!! That is a good thing because I love buying them!!! Girl clothing is amazing! I love dressing her up! Here are a few pics of Macee Kay in her new pink shoes :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bubba and Sissy

Don't squeeze to hard Bubba!

Say Cheese!!!

Just a little run down on what the kiddos have been up to lately... Macee has TWO teeth now!!! She is now sitting in a high chair when we go to restaurants and sitting in the shopping cart at stores. She thinks she is such a big girl when she gets to do this!!! She loves her baby food, however I have noticed that she does not care for the bananas. She shakes and quivers when she takes a bite, she will still eat them though. She really likes the veggies the best!! Landon has been having fun at school and playing with the neighbor girls. He is just getting so mature lately with his conversations and questions he asks me daily. Here is a few that I can recall right now: How come in a fire we use the stairs and not the elevator when we are at a hotel?, how come you shrink when you get old?, how come the moon looks yellow when it first comes out and white when it has been out for awhile?, Will you find me when I get to heaven?, Am I on Santa's good list or bad list today?-- those are just a few of the things that are running through his busy busy head!!! Landon has found a new love in taking pictures of Macee (see pic below) he will try to make her smile by speaking in a high pitched tone and making silly faces at her.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zoo Friends!

Landon didn't have school on Friday so we went to the zoo with a friend from his class and her parents. Landon had a great time, it was a BEAUTIFUL day out. Macee was so sweet all day, she loved riding around in her stroller and enjoyed her occasional naps. At one point we looked at her and she had pulled her headband and bow down over her eyes and fell asleep!! It was so funny. The little girl from Landon's class that we went with is very special to him. He talks about her alot and enjoys being around her. I know she must feel the same because she came up to me at the zoo and said, "Landon is my boyfriend and we are getting married someday, so that will make you my grandma". I said "GRANDMA" and she said "oh I mean mother-in-law". She is such a cutie!!!

Sleeping beauty, after she pulled her headband and bow off!
Enjoying the fall leaves

Best Friends

Train ride

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

We had a great Halloween. All of the kids grandparents came to see them and take pictures before we headed out with our great group of neighbors. Landon and his cousin Ben were like little speed demons, running as fast as they could from house to house. Landon is so funny, he would talk to the people when they answered the door and would let them know that we had a big group and to wait for his friends to come get there candy. He was also very excited about handing out candy to the "big kids" who still get to trick or treat once we are back at home. He ate about 4-5 pieces of candy last night and hasn't asked about since and he probably won't. He is just not into candy. Macee was dressed as a little flower. She was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! She just sat in the grass and smiled as about 4 cameras flashed around her. Landon even loved taking pictures of her on his camera!!!
So stinking CUTE!!!!
She is so lucky to have him :)

Captain Hook