Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baseball Buddies

The other day we had two friends from Landon's baseball team over for a playdate. It was so fun for Macee also cause one of the boys has a little brother 2 weeks younger then Macee. I also had a great time visiting with both their moms! :)
Chocolate chips cookies!!!
Had to get a picture of sweet baby Camdon.

Trying to get a good picture of these two was hopeless!!!! They had so much fun playing on the couch!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Graham laying a big fat juicy kiss on Macee, it was soooo sweet!!!!

What's a playdate without some Superheros????

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun times!

Yesterday I took Landon and Macee to McDonald's for dinner and to play on the indoor playground. Macee is starting to act just like Landon did when he was her age. She is NOT afraid of anything or anyone. She climbed up the playground as far as she could go and got stuck when she came to a very high step. She whined for her bubba. Landon came and picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the top!!!! He wanted her to get to go down the big curvy slide so bad. He said " I really want sissy to see how fun it is!" I didnt feel comfortable letting her go down by herself because its pretty steep. So Landon held her and they went down together. She LOVED it!!! They went down a few more times after that. The picture is not very good cause I had to use my iphone to take it. I know I have said this a million times but he is such a good brother!!!! Today when I went to get them from the gym nursery Landon was playing on the floor with her. The lady that works there told me that anytime Macee would cry, Landon would pause his video game and come check on her. He told me he turned the game off and just played with sissy so she would be happy. That kind of stuff melts my heart!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Party!!!!!

Tonight Landon layed a blanket out on the living room floor and set up Macee's little tea party set. He said "Mommy, girls like to play tea party right?" I said "of course, why" and he said "well I set up a special tea party for Macee, can we all play it with her?" It was the sweetest thing ever!!! It is so great seeing how much he loves her and adores her. Sometimes he gets a little rough with her, but for the most part he is very kind and loving to his baby sissy, or as he calls her "Little Stinkers"

"Here sissy have some tea"

"Yummy" Macee loved pretending to drink from her cup:) She would make slurping sounds and then say "Ahhhh" when she drank it all!!! So funny!!!!

It is so fun watching her play.

"Here mommy have some tea"

Monday, July 19, 2010


I haven't done an update on Macee in awhile so I thought I would:) She is 14.5 months old.
She is into everything of course. She is so sweet and is so much more of a lap baby then Landon was. She still likes to go and get into to everything but she also loves to just sit on your lap or be carried around the house!! She will pick up trash and throw in the trashcan, it is so cute! I was in the shower and she picked up my dirty clothes and put them in my closet and shut the door. She just likes to pick up. However, this does not stop her from carrying random things all over the house and leaving them in weird places:)

She likes to do what Landon is doing. She will sit and watch him and then repeat what he does.
Had to throw a picture of Landon in here!

She still likes to stick her hand in VCR part of the DVD player. Of course, it gets stuck and she screams! HA! She is soooo tough, she has had some pretty bad falls and she never cries!!! She has a bruise on her forehead where she fell on the pirate ship at Landon's dentist and she never made a peep!

This is the strange face she makes when I get the camera out and say smile. She raises her eyebrows and leans her head back. It is hillarious, but I have to admit I like her normal smile much better!

Doing some puzzles.

She also likes to run off and hide behind the couch and wait for me to come look for her. Then when I see her she laughs so hard and runs to another hiding spot. It is so silly!!! Macee loves stairs right now. She already knows to make the "vrrrrrrm" noise when she is in any toy with a steering wheel. She will grab the wheel and make the noise. I guess she picked that up from landon. She will make that noise also when she holds one of Landon's cars. Don't worry though, she has plenty of girl toys too!!!

Sweet blue eyes!

She is growing up so fast! She is still an awesome eater! She also lays down for nap and bedtime so easily. She is just such a good baby! I could not love her anymore!!!! :)

New Floors!!!!

Once again my pics are in backwards order! ugh!!! Blogger is not user friendly when it comes to ordering your pics the way you want them!!! Anyway, we got rid of our carpet and put in hardwood floors! Our carpet was just nasty and with 2 little ones it would just be so much smarter to have hardwoods instead of carpet.

Here is a finished pic. We put it everywhere but the bedrooms and kitchen.

Here is the playroom once the carpet was out.

We are so thankful for Marc's brothers!!! Luke and AJ helped pull up the carpet and the tile in the entry way. It was not fun getting the glue from the tile off the cement.

Working hard!

Of course Landon wanted to help. Marc and his brothers did all the prep work and then we had someone come and put the floors in for us. I am so happy with how the floors look!!! They look so nice!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities

We had a great and busy fourth of July weekend. My pics are in the wrong order. On Sunday night we went over to Martha's and Sean's for a party and to watch Rockets over Rhema. We had such a great time.
Landon found a new found love for Kool-aid.
Macee loves chairs and will just go around and sit in all different ones.

This is Martha's baby Owen. Such a sweetie!!

Megan and Brian just got back from their Honeymoon!!!

Me and my very best friends. I love those two:)

Landon had a great time with Martha and Sean's niece in the jumper.

Throwin some shoes.

On Saturday night we had a party with family and neighbors. It was kinda rainy, but we shot fireworks off anyway!!

Four of the five Flusche Fellas:) (Sweet hat Marc)

Sweet kiddos!!!!

Sweet baby girl with her Mamaw. Her shirt says "All American Sweetheart"

Macee and her Papa

Macee givin her uncle Luke some lovin', so sweet!

Man! Macee loves the men in her life! Macee and her Bumpa!


I think we had enough!!!!

Landon and I made a cake!! I felt very festive making this!!! HA!!!



We had such a great time at Great Wolf Lodge!!! That place is so much fun for kids!!!

The had an ice cream shop in the hotel, we went there several times:)
Landon has been wanting a marble game for awhile and we found one at the toy store there.

Landon got a "real" spiderman tatoo. He was very excited!

They had a great game area downstairs where we spent alot of our time in the evening after dinner.

Macee and Landon had so much being at the Lodge. They were both so happy to be on vacation:)

They had a great outdoor swim area. We spent only a few hours outside cause Landon liked the play stuff and waterslides inside better!

Macee was such a trooper! She loved every minute of it, especially all the food!!!

This was Landon's favorite thing to play on. He loved when the big bucket filled up with water and dumped on the whole thing.

The hotel was decorated so neat the walls where painted.

Macee fell even more in love with water.... and her daddy:)

These are a few of the water slides.

We went to the mall and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Landon LOVED it!!!

Inside the Cafe

The kids got wolf ears from the hotel and Landon got some glow in the dark teeth.
We had such a great time, just the four of us being together and making memories to keep forever.