Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a great Easter Weekend. After church on Sunday we went over to may parents house for an Easter Egg Hunt inside since it rained all day long. The kids didn't mind looking for eggs in the house:)

Macee was in a great mood all day, but for some reason she would NOT smile for the camera!!!!

I LOVED her dress!!!! She looked so sweet in it.

Landon looked pretty handsome if I do say so;)

Looking in their baskets from grandma and grandpa! Landon must have something pretty cool in his!! HAHA!

Grandma and Grandpa with the 3 kiddos

Macee was excited to get some Minnie jammies in her basket!!! That girl would live in her jammies if I let her!!! She will go into her room in the middle of the day and change into her PJ's!

Landon opening his basket from the Easter Bunny before church on Sunday morning. (my pics are in backwards order)

Macee on Easter morning. My kids both have the funniest bed head every morning.

On Saturday we went to John and Beth's for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner also. Macee LOVES candy!!!!!

Hunting for EGGS!

She loved looking for eggs and would get excited over each egg she found. Then of course she wanted to eat what was inside right then!

Grandma Beth was reading Macee her new book.

She loved her bunny they got her also. Landon got a Star Wars book and loved it, of course:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs

Yesterday we dyed Easter Eggs. It is so fun watching and listening to Macee when we do these "new" and "first" things with her. Of course, she was there last year when we did this, but was way to young. She LOVED it and kept saying "cool" and "so Pretty" when they eggs would come out of the dye.

Landon and Daddy thought it would be cool to mix some of the tablets and try to make a black color. Yuck!

Loving every minute of it!

They went outside and played while the eggs dried. Then they came in and put the stickers on them. Macee loved that part also!!! She was sad when she ran out of stickers, but sweet big bubba gave her some of his:)

Little Gym

Macee is still loving her Little Gym class every Wednesday. She is getting more and more brave each time we go. This past week they practiced putting bean bags on their heads while walking across the balance beam. Macee was funny because every time Ms. Tammy put the bag on her head, Macee would take it off and put it on Mrs. Tammy's head instead:) Silly girl.

She was clapping for herself for making a basket.

Macee and I both love when Marc is in town and able to come with us:)

Stations of the Cross

In honor of Easter, Landon's class acts out the Stations of the Cross. Landon was SOOOOOO excited that he would get to play Jesus. He was very into his character and took it VERY serious. That morning he wanted to know what Jesus ate for breakfast the day he was crucified, so that he could have the same thing. :) His whole class did so good, they were very serious and the entire school was very impressed with their performance.

Jesus falls for the first time
and the second time

Jesus' face appears on the cloth after being wiped.

This really meant alot to Landon and he learned so much about what Jesus went through for us. I was very proud of him:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last night Landon took his flip flops off in the back yard. - something he will NEVER do again I hope!!! He chased a ball across the yard and ran across the top of our sandbox, which as a wooden lid. I heard him screaming from the front yard!! He was in alot of pain and cried most of the night. I think he was mostly scared about how they were gonna come out. I tried to get some out and was only able to get the biggest one out. This morning he could barely walk so we went to the Dr. On the way there he counted all of them and said there was 47!!! Most of them were on the same foot, just a few were on the other foot. You can only see the big ones in the picture, it really doesnt do it justice, until you see it in person and see all the tiny ones all over also.

OUCH!!! Macee of course came along for the fun.
I was trying to keep her entertained. We were back in the little room for almost 2 hours!!!!!! I was going INSANE!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone, but I think she may have ate 6 or 7 dum dums in that time frame!!!!
Its never good when your Pediatrician says "Oh My God" when he looks at you. Then all the nurses came in one by one to check out the damage!! Ha!!! They put some numbing gel on it and let that sit for awhile. Once they thought it was numb, they "rallied the troops" as his DR. said and they went to work!
At one point we had 3 nurses and the Dr. in our room helping. Landon did soooooo good!!! It really started to hurt towards the last 5-6 splinters, cause the numbing gel was wearing off. He clenched his fist so tight- (notice his white knuckles) and took lots of deep breathes but never cried!!! He was so tough and brave!!! Dr. Knippers was so proud of him for being so still and tough. They put all the splinters on a piece of gauze and showed the other staff members! I think he broke some kind of record! HA!

Photo Contest

Landon's school is having Library Week this week. One of the contest is that the student has to take a picture, and there must be books in the picture somewhere. Landon set this up in his room and took a picture. We will find out if he won on Monday. I think he did a pretty good job:)

I think they enjoyed their books;)

Sunny Days

Macee and I have been playing outside alot while Landon is at school- and of course again when he gets home:) I took a few pictures of Macee the other day playing in her car. I am having the hardest time getting her smile for the camera. She smiles all the time, but as soon as I get my camera out, she will NOT smile!!! I know she is doing it on purpose!!!! Little Stinker!!!!

I just love her hair. Some days it will all flip out and some days it will curl under. It has the best body in it and is already turning blonder for the summer.

This is what she did when I would ask her to smile:)
It's hard work being so cute;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Game of the Season!

Today was the first day of the season!!! We are so excited to be playing baseball again!! Today we saw Cousin Ben at the ballpark:)

We had to wake sissy up to go to the game and she was not very excited about posing for pictures. Go RED SOX!!!
I wanted a picture of the back of Macee's shirt, but she didnt want to let go of daddy:)
I love his batting stance!!!!!

Marc had to leave for work so he wanted video of Landon playing. I was so busy with Macee that I only was able to take one video of him. He hit from the first pitch both times at bat today and scored runs both times. He played pitcher and did a great job at catching the ball and throwing it to first base. My mom took some great action shots so I will post those when she emails them to me later this week.

Enjoy the video and ignore my cheering!!!!!

Heartwalk 2011

This morning we did the Heartwalk with my dad's company. It was CRAZY busy inside drillers stadium before the walk started.

We all had matching shirts:) My parents with Macee:) The sun was making picture taking very difficult. Landon and his free bear. Macee was a sweet girl during the walk. Landon also did great, he walked the whole time and never complained:)