Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Macee at 9 months (well almost :))

Macee will not be 9 months until Feb 5th, but
I just could not wait any longer to post about all her new things she is doing!!! She is so much fun!! She is so happy and cheerful. She has this noise that she loves to make all day long, it is like a little yell, not to loud, but she just does it over and over!!! Every time I turn a page in a book, when strangers talk to her, etc. She loves feeding herself little puffs and melts. She loves her sippy cup and I have to play tug of war to get that thing out of her mouth sometimes!!

She now goes from sitting on her bottom to her knees, she will pull herself to standing also, she has to have soemthing to dig her face into to help get her booty off her knees!! It is really cute. She usually uses me to pull up on.
This is her trying to stand up all the way :)

She is SO close to crawling!!! I thought she might just skip crawling because she was not showing any interest in it, until a few days ago. She know goes from her bottom to all fours constantly!! She gets in this position and rocks back and forth. She will pick up her arms over and over, all she has left to figure out is how to get those legs to move!!!

Sweet baby girl

I came into her room and found her STANDING in her crib!!! We lowered the mattress to avoid a fall!! (This pic was before we lowered the bed)

Hi Mommy!! Look at me I am a big girl!!

She loves her toy baskets. If I just get one toy out she will get mad until I dump over the whole basket, so she can climb in and get whatever toy she wants.

She loves this house my parents got her for Christmas. This is her toy that we keep in the playroom. She loves playing with it when Landon is in the room playing with his toys. She doesn't care if he plays with her, just as long as he is in the room with her she is happy!

She has been making the funniest faces lately. She is playing with her teeth, she has 2 on bottom and one on top. I am thinking that the 2nd one up top will be here pretty soon!
Macee loves bath time, she cries when I pull the drain out!! She likes all baby food. She loves riding in the front of the shopping cart and talking to all the strangers!!! She takes 2 naps a day now. She is also enjoying the nursery at the gym now, thank goodness!!! She has really changed in the past few weeks, she wants to be on the go so badly!! She is very loving and still likes to be swaddled and rocked. Although, she will put herself to sleep in her crib if she is swaddled, has pacifier, and her music is on! She is very tacktile, she likes to feel her blankets with her fingers when she sleeps and she plays with her hair when she is sleepy. It is so sweet!! I love this little girl so much and I am so thankful to be staying home with her during this memorable time in her life!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

He's growing up so fast!! :(

My little 5 year old seems so much older and it makes me proud and sad at the same time. I am so proud of the boy he is becoming, but I also miss my "little guy". Landon has had two loose teeth for a few weeks now. The other day I noticed his big teeth are growing in behind his little teeth. Luckily it was time for a check up at the dentist. She explained that his teeth look great, but he will eventually run into some problems. His mouth is just not big enough for all his big teeth. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. Anyway, the dentist said it was time to get those 2 loose teeth out and it is best to do it at home. Marc tried that night and didn't have much luck, so my parents came over to visit and Landon let Bumpa pull the first one right out!!! He didn't start crying until I opened my big mouth and said "oh, no its bleeding" and then he cried or should I say wined a little. It took a good 30 minutes for the four of us to talk him into letting daddy pull out the next one. He finally said "oh fine I'm ready, just do it", so Marc pulled it right out, with no tears this time. I told him that the tooth fairy would bring him something extra special since there would be 2 teeth under his pillow at once!!! He is so excited to see what she will leave. (I am headed to Target soon :))

Look Mom, no teeth!!!
Marc took Landon to get his haircut on Sunday and man did they cut it!!!! They cut all his curls off!! :((( I know they will grow back. Landon says this is his "Daddy haircut", it also makes him look so much older. (I don't think we will keep it this way, I miss the curls already)

One of Landon's favorite things to do is build a tent in the living room with Marc. He loves to play under it and crawl in and out.

They are under there somewhere... Macee is too!!!
I will do a blog about all her new things next. She is getting so loud and talkative lately.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Marc and Landon had a great time today playing hidden treasure. They took turns drawing a map of the house to find the hidden treasure. They must have played this for at least an hour and a half!!! We are getting creative on play ideas, since we are trapped in the house!!! Landon is so ready to go outside and ride his bike!! He asked me the other day "how come it is still winter, did the "grounddog" already see himself"...... We are ready for Spring!!!!

Landon drawing yet another map!!!
Marc LOVES having his picture taken for the blog :) hehe

Here Landon is explaining how to follow his very detailed map to Daddy.

Monster Jam!!!

Marc and I took Landon to see Monster Jam at the BOK Center on Saturday. He loves Monster Trucks and watching them on TV so we knew he would love it! Everyone told us how loud it would be so we picked up a pack of ear plugs on the way. They worked fine for me and Marc, but they fell out of Landon's ears and he was so scared!!! So Marc ran back to the booth and bought him some of these tire ear muffs, and they worked great!! Landon and his cousin Ben had such a great time! They were very serious during the show and payed very close attention. We had a great time!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet Kiddos

I am so amazed at how wonderful Landon is to his baby sister Macee. He is so kind, understanding, helpful, and entertaining to her!!!! I love watching and listening to him talk to her when he doesn't know I am watching. He says the sweetest things to her. She is still at the stage where she cries when we leave the room. She is happy just to have someone in the same room as her. Landon is a huge help in this area!!! When he has to go get a toy or use the restroom he will say "don't worry sissy I will be right back" or "I am gonna leave just for a minute sissy please don't cry", it melts my heart when he talks to her so sweet!!! He gets excited when she wakes up from a nap, he will run into her room as soon as he hears her and will start talking to her or he will climb right in her crib and play with her. He will actually ask for me to bring her in his play room and play with him. He has a new track he got for Christmas and she loves watching the cars go around so he will say things to me like " Mommy, Macee really wants me to set up my track, so I guess I will get busy". I have said this before and I am sure I will say it again.... She is so LUCKY to have him :)

"Come on Sissy you can do it, crawl to Bubba"
Tickling Sissy
She loves to play kitchen with him. He tells her what each food is and if he thinks it tastes good or not!

This is a Disney Princess toy Macee got from John and Beth for Christmas, she loves it!!! So do I, I can not wait to buy more princess toys!!!

This is Macee in her "sporty" look, Aunt Carrie got her this adorable pink Adidas outift!!! She loves playing with her stroller/walker, not quite ready for her to use it as a walker!!!