Monday, April 26, 2010

Best Buds!!

Landon had Ben over to play today after school. If he goes any longer than a week without seeing his cousin Ben he starts asking daily... "can Ben come over and play?????" I thought I would take a few pics of them hanging out. They love eachother so much! They play so well together, they play and fight like brothers....(fighting one second and happy as can be 2 seconds later). They are so lucky to have eachother!
Best Buds!
Being silly!

Tough guys!

This was there idea :)

Littlest Fan

I had an outfit made for Macee to wear to Landon's baseball games. (since that is where we spend ALOT of our time). I had the lady make her a baseball bow to match. Her shirt says "Red Sox" on the front with sequins of course! The back says "lil' Sis" and then has Landon's number below that. Macee loves going to Landon's games and practices because she can crawl around in the dirt!!! There is also a little boy her age that she enjoys playing with. Landon is doing great at baseball. He is getting better at catching the ball and is understanding the game. Of course his favorite part is hitting (and socializing with his teammates).

Stride Rites!

Marc and I took Macee to get her first pair of Stride Rites. She is walking behind her walker and trying to stand up on her own with out pulling up on anything so we figured it was time!! The lady at the store said she needs to wear them all day because she turns curves her feet. The shoes will help her keep them straight. She likes them... I think... I know she likes to take them off!!!! But I can already tell that they are giving her more balance. I had so much fun picking out the girl shoes this time!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Year Pictures!

Marc and I took Macee to get her one year pictures. She will not be "officially" one till May 5th, but I wanted them done in time for her invitations and party. She did sooooooo good!!!!! Marc and I had such a hard time choosing which ones to order, they were all so good! I am trying not to think about the fact that my little baby girl is actually turning one soon.......
it makes me so sad:( But these pictures always seem to cheer me up!!!! I had her outfit made at a little bowtique in BA. She will match her party plates, napkins, etc.
Enjoy!!!! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

My lil' Gardener

Landon has always loved gardening. He loves gardens and taking care of plants. For Easter Aunt Carrie got him this thing below... not sure what you call it.... Landon appropriately named him Harry. You water it and his hair grows.... very quickly.. and he can give it hair cuts whenever he feels like it! He loves it!!! He gives him a little trim each day!

My mom got him some tomato plants for Easter and he has been growing those as well. He also brought home some green beans from school that he is taking care of! He comes home each day from school and checks on his "garden". We are going to have to move the tomato plants cause they are growing fast also!

Making sure they have lots of sun!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

50's Day!!!

Today at Landon's school it was 1950's day. I had to explain to Landon what that exactly meant, but he understood and thought it was funny. He wore a black leather jacket that my Grandma Anna Mae sent him several years ago. We slicked his hair back and Marc put gel in it! He looked like a different child!!!! HA! His little curls looked so cute in the back. After he got ready and looked at himself in the mirror he kept saying "Hey, whats up dude" It was very cute!

Side view of the hair!
What's up dude?


Green Thumbs

This weekend we planted our flowers. Landon loves to help plant and work outside in the yard.

Macee also enjoyed being outside and playing in the dirt! She loves to get dirty already!

The flowers turned out if I can keep them that way!

She looks so cute in her little sun hat.

Just enjoying the sun:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I am warning you now, this post has LOTS of pictures!! We had such a jam packed Easter weekend and I just loved so many of the pictures!!

I LOVE this picture of her!!!! BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!
Landon and Ben had a great time at Papa's on Saturday. They had an Easter Egg Hunt and got lots of goodies!!

Macee also got this Bunny and some goodies!!

Easter morning the kids had fun looking at their baskets from the Easter Bunny!

Family Picture after church on Sunday. Landon just looks so grown up :(

Love this pic of Macee!

Macee had fun just being outside and enjoying the weather. Daddy helped her find some eggs!

Landon was a big helper and showed Macee where some eggs were hiding.

Landon and Bumpa looking for some more eggs! Landon is not a big candy lover, so the eggs had stickers and money in them..... wish there were adult easter egg hunts:)

Thanks Mamaw and Bumpa for all the great stuff!!

Macee got some cute sunglasses in her basket :)

My mom was taking a picture and Lilly just happened to go in for a kiss!!! YIKES!!!

Landon loves to help his Bumpa work in the yard.

Everyone loves to ride a John Deer...right?

We were so happy to have Great Grandma and Grandpa here for the weekend :)

Yes, that is ANOTHER Easter Basket.... Grandparents have to spoil 'em, its in their nature!
We had so much fun this weekend. It was Macee's first Easter and she did so great! I was happy Marc was home to see the kids have so much fun:)