Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VBS.... Stage Pass!

Landon is attending VBS this week. This is his third year at VBS and he LOVES it!!!!! He told me this morning that who ever made VBS only five days needs to rethink that for next year! HA! The music program is AWESOME!!! We always buy the CD on Friday and listen to it over and over in the car! They go to music everyday and one person from each class is given a Stage Pass. They give it to kids who sing all the songs and do the motions with them. Then at the end of the day the children with Stage Pass' get to go up on stage and sing with the music teachers. Landon was talking about wanting a Stage Pass last week before VBS even started! He remembered them from last year. So today when I went to pick him up I saw him on stage and new it had made his day or week for that matter!!! He was so proud and as we were walking out to the car I hear him say... " I wonder if anyone has ever gotten TWO stage passes in one week???" Oh Geez;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Friendship

Landon has always played well with boys and girls alike. He has two very close friends that are girls. One is a friend from school and one is a neighbor. Landon says that "Dani is his girlfriend, and Abigail is his best friend thats a girl." Abigail and Landon play together almost everyday outiside. They have been buds ever since we moved in when Landon was only 2 years old. I am so thankful for our neighbors in our cul-de-sac. There are 5 little girls and then Landon! It is so great always having someone outside to play with. It is great for me as well!!! I have the best group of friends in our little cul-de-sac.
Landon and Abigail at the circus last week. at the pool

Playing inside on a hot day!

We do all sorts of fun things with them. We order pizza together, meet for lunch, go to parks, pools, and just enjoy the good company! We are so thankful for our neighbors, but more importantly our friends :)

Miss Macee

Macee has had a rough couple weeks with her molars coming in. I think we are finally over the worst of it, that is until the rest come in!!!!
She sat in her chair and sucked on a teething ring for about 30 minutes last week.
Poor Baby! She got all the other fun stuff that comes with her teething, runny nose, cough, and diareha. We had quite an experience the other day at Wendy's that involved a TON of wipes, a trip home for a quick bath and wardrobe change! YUCK!!!!!!!

She loves going to the pool!

She has always loved her sleep and been cuddly when she gets sleepy. She will just crawl around and lay her head on anything for a few seconds and then just get up and start playing again. It is so sweet to watch.

She loves her musical toys.

And of course the remotes!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Circus Circus!!!

This past weekend we went to the circus with Ben and Ashley and all of our neighbors. It was alot of fun! Landon LOVES the circus!!! He has been about 5 times and he wants to be in the circus when he grows up. :) He will sit in amazement throughout the whole thing!
Of course you cant go to the circus without getting some sort of light up toy that costs a small fortune!!
Landon and his two best friends!

Love spending time with just me and my Landon!

Not the best picture, but this was already take two :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playdate Fun!

Today Landon had his friend Jadon from his baseball team to play. They have been on the same team for two years and have a great time together. (When they are not arguing over whether or not the Hulk is a good guy or bad guy) HA!

Macee had fun following the boys around and feeling like she is "big"

The Escalade is always a hit!

This is Jadon's new baby brother, so sweet and tiny!!!

Jadon's other younger brother Bryson. He is ADORABLE!!!

The little ones like the Escalade too, even if its not moving!

Let the Superhero War begin!!!

Ahhhh.... I think they had fun?!!?