Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorations!!!

I love the fall soooooo much!!! I love everything about it... the weather, the clothes, Halloween, pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, fall candles, football, the fair, etc!!! We put our outside Fall/Halloween stuff up a few days ago and Landon LOVES them!!!! That boy loves him some seasonal decorations!!!ha!!!
My wreath.... thanks mom;)
Our light up spider web

I put purple lights in by our garage door!

Little light up pumpkins:)

Our Spooky Ghost!!!

Big o' pumpkin

Everyone was especially exited about our SCARIEST decoration!!

The kids are not afraid at all, they think he is funny!!! His head even light up!!

I just liked this picture of Macee, so I added it in:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video of Macee at Little Gym

Here is a clip of Macee at the Little Gym today. She did so good on the balance beam at the end of the video. I wish I would have gotten video of her in the middle of the circle shakin' her stuff:)

It's Been Awhile!!!

I have not blogged in awhile. Marc is home and we have been busy. I just uploaded some pics from the last couple weeks:)
I love taking pics like this of them walking. This was on the SkyWalk at the hospital. We took Macee to see Aunt Carrie when we was on bedrest.
We went and ate at the new Unlce Bucks inside Basspro and Landon's kids meal came with a tackle box. So after dinner we let him get some gear to fill it up. He loves picking out fishing hooks and bait.

Little Fisherman

We saw our neighbors at Basspro and let the kids play on the boats and shoot the guns.

Macee had fun watching Bubba shoot the targets.

Carrie had baby Madden, 8 weeks early. He is doing amazing! He has been in the NICU for about a week and will be in there for a few more. I have been visiting him as much as I can. He is the sweetest, tiniest little guy!

My pics are out of order(of course), Marc and I went to an OSU game. We had such an awesome time tailgating and watching the Cowboys win!!!!

Fun Times!!!!

Here is my sis doing her Kangaroo Time with Madden. They are such loving parents already!

My nephew Ben had his 5th bday party. Macee and Landon had a great time playing on the bouncy stuff.

Landon watching Ben open all his gifts.

He had a rock star party. My SIL Ashley made each kid a guitar and gave them a microphone! Cute!!!

Today at the Little Gym, Macee was such a little ham. She got right in the middle of the circle and shook her bells!!!! I guess she just pretends to be shy, sometimes cause I saw the real Macee today:)
We have had a fun and busy last couple weeks with Marc home. I am just glad he was home when my sis Carrie had her baby so I could be there with her. I really appreciate Marc letting me be at the hospital with her so much, it meant alot to me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Football and Labor Day Weekend!

WOW! What a weekend!!! It started off with me and the kids picking Marc up on Thursday morning from the airport. Thursday night we had Landon's first flag football game that was cancelled due to a storm. Thursday morning my sister was admitted to the hospital and is having to stay there until she has baby Madden:(. So we made numerous trips to visit her and will continue to do so until he is born (hopefully not for many more weeks)

Getting ready for his game, before it was called off.
The Hurricanes!

We had some family in town from Iowa this weekend also!!! My uncle Jay and Aunt Darcy, and their baby Evan. He is just a couple weeks older then Macee. They had a great time playing together. Evan really like Landon alot though!!! He would hug on him and want to sit on his lap. It was sooo sweet!!!

Jay made a little bench seat for my dad's tractor wagon. The kids went for rides in it all weekend and loved it!!!!

Landon even had fun going for rides and learning how to drive it!

Macee girl cheesin' it up!

We took Evan and Darcy to Cherry Berry. Evan was so sweet while he waited for his yogurt!

Using her spoon like a big girl...... do you see her boots!!!!!!!!!!!


Had to get a picture of her PINK cowboy boots!!! They are so stinking cute on her!!!

Skate Night

Landon's school always has skate nights. He loves going!!! He has fun skating, seeing friends from school, and playing the video games.
Landon and his best friend Dani.
Landon wanted to enter the races. He was the youngest student to enter the boy races. He had SO much fun!!! My picture is not very clear, but he was smiling from ear to ear during the race!!

Lined up for the races!

I am so glad he has such good friends in his class, Dani is such a sweetheart and Landon cherishes their friendship very much.

Cutie Pie!