Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, I am finally doing my Halloween post! Of course my pics are in backwards order!! Why can't blogger make this easier!!!!!!!!! Anyway, we had a GREAT Halloween!!! Macee LOVES candy and this was probably one of her favorite days in her short little life so far!!!
So sweet, Daddy walking Macee to the door. She did so good, she kept up with her Bubba and lasted the whole 2 hours!

My parents always come over to take pics of the kiddos!
We have the BEST cul-de-sac neighbors!!! EVery year we go trick-or-treating as a big group! The kids did sooo good this year taking pics!!! Landon's cousin Ben always comes with us as well!

All the kiddos hanging out, I just like this pic cause it looks like Macee is talking with her friends:)

Sweet Uncle Luke! It wouldn't be special for the boys if their uncles wasn't there!!

My nephew Madden came over for the first time!! Remember, he is still not even due yet!!! Macee cracks me up, she just found some candy in her present from my mom and is so happy!!!

Poor Madden is not a happy boy in this one, but Macee found some M&Ms!!!!

My sister and Josh with Madden!

Madden had on his Halloween outfit, such a sweet bootie!!!

I have this same pic of them from last year and it is amazing how much Macee has grown. It will be fun to have this pic taken every year and compare them!

Sweet little bee with her Bumpa

Landon of course doesn't really like candy and never eats his Halloween candy. I think this year he ate 3 packs of Smarties total. Macee on the other hand...... well who's counting????

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  1. Too cute! I wish my lil man didn't like I bet he could live on a diet of cake, ice cream and candy and would be soo happy! I love how excited Macee is when she found the candy! :)