Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SIX........ ALREADY?!?!?!?!

I Can not believe my oldest child is 6 today!!! That seems so old!
Landon has a very special birthday today! His class is going on a field trip and he brought Star Wars cupcakes to school! Tonight his grandparents and aunts and uncles are coming over for pizza, presents, and cake! Then on Saturday he is having his party with all his friends at the Kaliedoscope Children's Museum. He of course is bouncing of the walls- he has been for a few days!! Landon is turning into such a young boy now. He is so helpful around the house and with his sister. He is taking on more responsibilities and is loving it! As Landon continues to get older, I just pray that he keeps his outgoing, adventurous, goofy, and sensitive personality. He can be so wild and daring, yet so kind and loving. He makes me so proud to be his mommy!!! I love you sweet boy and I am so happy to call you my son!
*Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of my sweet little boy before he got so big :'(

This is one of my all time favorites!!!! Man, I love that kid!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Bubba!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer Service and Pow-Wow

Landon and I made some cute Pilgrim Hat cookies that I saw another friend had made. They are yummy and easy!!!
Landon likes to help make things in the kitchen:)

On Tuesday Landon's class led the prayer service for the school. They sang the sweetest songs.

Here is Landon bringing his letter up to the alter.

Both Kindergarten classes. Landon is in the middle row, far right.

"Give Thanks to the Lord"

They also had a Pow-Wow that afternoon. They sang some more songs and did a Ribbon Dance.

Landon is 2nd from the right.

The dance was so fun to watch. He did so good!

They wore all the Indian stuff they had made. Beaded necklaces, vest with Indian symbols, and a feather hat.

Macee had fun watching bubba's class:)

She wanted to sit in the Tee-Pee:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Sunday we met Landon's friend Dani and her parents at the Safari in Broken Arrow. We had never been and they love it. It was such an awesome experience!!!!

How cool is this?!?!?! Holding a real alligator!!!!
Love these pics of them!

Landon feeding a camel a whole apple!!

Macee of course loved it! She fed the goats forever!

Here she is feeding a kangaroo. They like animal crackers, so Macee would eat one and then feed on to the animals:)

A baby alligator

Landon held a baby fox too!!!

The coolest part was feeding all the wildcats chicken legs! The tigers would climb up and pull the chicken out of the stick.

Sweet baby

You have to feed them at the same time or they will fight over the chicken.

We had so much fun there and Landon can not wait to go again!!!

Good Time with Friends

Saturday night Marc and I went to a Dierks Bentley concert at the Hard Rock Casino. My best friends and thier husbands also had tickets so we were able to hang out before and after the concert.

Martha and Sean (Also Macee's Godparents)
Love my BFF Martha:)

And my BFF Megan:) She is trying to win big!!! HA!

Some other friends at the concert also!

Love him:)

Dierks put on a great show and we had alot of fun!

Marc gets mad when I ask strangers to take our pic. To bad!!!! HA!

It was a great night!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, I am finally doing my Halloween post! Of course my pics are in backwards order!! Why can't blogger make this easier!!!!!!!!! Anyway, we had a GREAT Halloween!!! Macee LOVES candy and this was probably one of her favorite days in her short little life so far!!!
So sweet, Daddy walking Macee to the door. She did so good, she kept up with her Bubba and lasted the whole 2 hours!

My parents always come over to take pics of the kiddos!
We have the BEST cul-de-sac neighbors!!! EVery year we go trick-or-treating as a big group! The kids did sooo good this year taking pics!!! Landon's cousin Ben always comes with us as well!

All the kiddos hanging out, I just like this pic cause it looks like Macee is talking with her friends:)

Sweet Uncle Luke! It wouldn't be special for the boys if their uncles wasn't there!!

My nephew Madden came over for the first time!! Remember, he is still not even due yet!!! Macee cracks me up, she just found some candy in her present from my mom and is so happy!!!

Poor Madden is not a happy boy in this one, but Macee found some M&Ms!!!!

My sister and Josh with Madden!

Madden had on his Halloween outfit, such a sweet bootie!!!

I have this same pic of them from last year and it is amazing how much Macee has grown. It will be fun to have this pic taken every year and compare them!

Sweet little bee with her Bumpa

Landon of course doesn't really like candy and never eats his Halloween candy. I think this year he ate 3 packs of Smarties total. Macee on the other hand...... well who's counting????