Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball Season Is Here!

Landon is playing baseball again this year. He is playing in a league called Tiger Ball. In this league they keep score, have umps, and the coach pitches the ball to them 3 times and if they have not hit it then they get 2 chances from the T. It is alot of fun to watch this year, since they have outs and the speed of the game has picked up some since last year. His team is the Red Sox. They have nice uniforms that look like Major League jerseys. They started the season with a win last night!
I think he looks so cute in his uniform!!!
Serious Ball Player

Landon played first base last night and did so good! He got three players out!!!

On first base, getting some coaching!

Running Home!!!
Red Sox 10 Thundercats 8, WAY TO GO RED SOX!!!

I love this picture with all their names on the uniforms, I also think it is to cute how their little feet can't even touch the ground when they sit on the bench :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Havin' Fun!

Since the weather has been so nice we have been spending alot of time outside! Macee LOVES riding in the Escalade with Landon, she just smiles the whole time she is in there. Landon is very careful with his baby sister. They had a race against our neighbor Bill the other day. I think Landon won:)

Landon likes taking her for rides, he is so sweet to her!
She thinks she is SOOO big in there with Bubba!

I thought this pic was just to funny to leave out!

So Sassy!!!

Love her!!!

This is my friend Martha's baby Owen. Macee's future boyfriend/husband..hehe!! Macee just loves him so much, she gets so excited when he is around. We have to watch her or she will just grab his head!!

There she is going after sweet baby Owen!

Macee loves to swing, so we bought her one to hang in the garage.... she loves it!!!

Tonight is Landon's first baseball game so I will have lots of new pics of him tomorrow!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Pictures

I took Landon and Macee to get Easter pictures a couple weeks ago. It was NOT easy this time!!! Macee would not sit still, she wanted to crawl off the set, she would put her hands, dress, shoes, and whatever else she could find in her mouth!!! I knew the times was coming when picture day is a workout for me!!! We manage to get through it... Wish me luck for her one year appointment next month.......

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We had such a great trip over spring break. Marc was finishing up his rig in Tyler, Texas so we met him down there for a little vacation. Landon LOVES staying in hotels, so we new he would have fun no matter what we did!!

Here is Macee observing her new crib, she did so great the whole trip!!! She slept great and NEVER really cried the whole time we were there!!!!!

Landon and Daddy breaking in the hotel beds!!!

Landon was so excited to go see "daddy's work". The company man even let Marc take him up to the rig floor. If you look closely you can see him up there.

The next day, Landon was in the shower and I said "lets go time to get out", and he said "hold on, let me turn my rig off"..... He is already playing like he works at Marc's work!! So cute!!!

We had fun eating at different restaurants.

Macee loved swimming!! She let us put a life jacket on her and she loved the wave pool!! She also swam in the hotel pool twice and loved it!!!

Nice tatoos..... to bad I cant crop pics very well :/


Enjoying the water slides!! Landon loved every water slide!!

Not a very good family picture inside our hotel...

We ate dinner in Downtown Tyler one night and some a childrens dance group was performing outside to music, it was really neat!!

They had a great mall, and Landon has been wanting to get Alvin ever since Papa took him to see the movie. He was thrilled!!!

Macee had a great time doing whatever it was we were doing :)

Sonics in Tyler had awesome playgrounds!!! No fair!!!

Landon got to drive his very first Go- Kart all by himself!!! He did really good!!

Marc and I were just happy to be together!!

Macee and I watching the boys play golf.

Landon and Marc both got a "Hole in One" on this hole.

Landon had so much fun driving the Bumper Boats!!! He thought it was so funny to run right into complete strangers. Marc and I really noticed on this trip how he will talk to anyone like he knows them!!! He would just stike up a conversation with people in line all by himself.

Sweet baby enjoying the sunshine!

Marc and Landon on the "fast" Go- Karts that Landon wasn't tall enough to drive alone. According to Landon they got first place.........everytime..... Imagine that!

We had so much fun as a family on this trip! It's nice to know that Macee travels so well and it is always fun to watch Landon get so excited about everything!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little of this and a little of that.....

I have alot of pictures I wanted to put on here, so I just thought I would upload them and not worry about doing them on separate blogs.....

Landon and I were cleaning his room today and Macee pulled herself up to his piano and started playing!!! Of course then big bubba had to show her how to play the right way!! :)
Such a big girl!!!

Landon thought sissy would like to play in his Thomas tent, and did she ever!!!!

We had some great weather this past weekend, so we spent some time at the park. Landon loved going down the slide with daddy and Macee!

Macee loves to swing!!!

Such a good brother!!!

Me and my kiddos!

The kids and I went to Babyfest, Landon had a great time playing on the blow up stuff and seeing all the mascots.

He loved this one!!

Power Ranger!!!