Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Motzart

Landon loves to write songs. He will fill an entire page with music notes and then play songs on his little piano at home. He will sing along while he plays. Every song he writes and sings is completely an original. He told his music teacher about this at school and she told him to bring his music to school and play for her and his class. It is so sweet. She took his picture and wrote about it on her class blog. I copied and pasted it below.
(Notice his page of filled with music notes :))
I am going to feature a class each week and share with you what we are doing during our Music Class.
Today Landon Flusche shared with us his love for music. He has been composing and playing on his little piano. He also names his songs and sings with them. He shared "The Zoo" and "The Circus". It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
We have been watching "Tubby, The Tuba" which is going along with our circus theme.
We also read stories and the children play either a pitched or unpitched percussion instrument with the story. Each instrument is either an animal, a person, or a phrase. We decided that we use all of our senses when we do this activity. Our book was Inside a Barn in the Country.
The children are learning to listen and echo what I sing to them. They also are learning to listen and repeat a pattern that I clap. Soon we will begin folk dancing which will include dancing with older students and then dancing with only our class. Watch for pictures.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hospital Visit :(

Macee was hospitalized this past weekend with RSV. It all started last weekend with what we thought was her typical teething symptoms, refusing her bottle, runny nose and congestion. Then Marc and I noticed a complete change in her personality. She did not want to play at all!!! She did not want to be put down either, she just looked soooooo sick. She would take food but is was next to impossible to get her to take any liquids.....What really made us start to worry was her rapid breathing and the wheezing sounds she was making. So I took her to the Dr. on Thursday. He was concerned about her breathing as well. He explained that she should be breathing anywhere from 30-35 breaths a minute and she was in the 60's!!!! SCARY!!!! He said she was wearing herself out trying to breath. She also had ear infections and dehydration. So he sent us straight over to the St. Franics Children's Hospital. Once we got there they started pumping fluids in her quickly through an IV. They were giving her breathing treatments, antiobiotics for the ear infection, and sucking mucus out of her nose through an amazing machine. Macee HATED getting that done, but man it worked soooo good!!! They kept her oxygen level monitored to make sure it stayed above 90. She did- thankfully- so she never had to be put on oxygen. We spent about 24 hours there and then she was discharged. She was bored and so was I!!! They sent us home with a breathing treatment machine and we are continuing to do those at home. She is still not herself... she is extremely clingy towards me, she wants to be held most of the time. She is beginning to play and crawl around a little more each day. We are still pushing fluids against her will!!! I just hate worrying about her getting dehydrated again. She did however take home a "lovely present" from the hospital as our Dr. called it... Diareha.... YUCK!! He said it will just run its corse. I am ready for her to be completely over this and back to her cheerful self!!!!

Mamaw brought her favorite toy up to the hospital and she did finally decide to play with it the 2nd day we were there, not for to long, as you can see she looks pretty pitiful here :(
Getting a few minutes of sleep before they come and poke at her !

Let me out of this cage!!!!

I did enjoy all our special cuddle time :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Circus Clown

Landon's class had "Circus Day" at school this past week. He wanted to be a clown. He chose this because he wanted to act silly all day and make his friends laugh! He looked so cute in his clown suit!!!
Here is his class going on a parade into all the other classrooms!
His fellow Clown Buddies!

Landon and his best friend Dani in the yellow

Silly Clown :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hangin' Out!

Marc got home from Canada on Friday and we have been enjoying just having fun playing as a family!
Macee is pulling herself to standing lately, here she is trying to get her toys out of her toy box.

We went to Macee's 9 month check up on Friday and the Dr. pierced her ears!!!!! They look SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! They are little pearls with gold around them. She only cried on the second one, cause it made a loud noise.
So girly!!!!!

I was having a hard time getting a picture of them, cause when you take one straight on you cant't see them, and I have her trained so well that everytime she sees me with the camera she looks right at me!!!! She weighed 19.5 at her check up and was 27 inches long.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For an activity during Catholic School's Week Landon's class made "Word Hats" at school. They had to tell their teacher what their favorite word was and then she wrote it down and they made hats out of them. Landon told his teacher that "exquisite" was his favorite word!!! I have NO idea where he learned this word, cause I know I don't use it!!! haha!!! He surprises me everyday!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cabin Fever!

After being stuck in side for a couple days from the ice and snow storm, Landon had a little bit of Cabin Fever!!! I should realy clarify that..... he was bouncing off the walls!!!!!!! So we deceided he could ride his scooter in the house to use up some of that never ending, five year old boy, energy!!!

He was popping wheelies all over the house!!
Since we didnt leave the house, we also didn't spray down that sweet bed head ;)

Macee just loves playing with her toys!!

I just can't get enough of her sweet toes!!! I don't think her feet have grown since the day she was born!!

Macee took off her sock and carried it around in her mouth while she CRAWLED around. Did I mention she is OFFICIALLY crawling!!! She has her mind set on anything of Landon's and goes for it!! I am not sure why she carried her sock around like a little puppy dog, but it sure was cute!!!

"Where are you Bubba, I'm coming for ya"