Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Jammies 2010

I love Christmas jammies!! I also love when I have an excuse to dress Macee and Landon alike!! We did this last Christmas and I loved it, so we dressed up in our jammies again and had some fun with the camera!

Way to zoom in Marc

LOVE Macee in this one!

She adores him!!!!

Landon took this one, would have been nice if Macee looked up:)

We used our timer on the camera for the first time, it was fun watching Marc run back to his spot before the camera snapped! That's why Macee looks so confused!!!

It was a fun time!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Train!!!

We went to the Christmas Train at Dry Gulch and it was AMAZING!!! It was our first time to go and we LOVED it!!! I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!!! I could not believe the little old fashioned town that is built out there! It felt so much like a mini Silver Dollar City or something.

Landon and I in line for the train
Waiting inside the depot with our boarding passes

The kids loved all the activities they had.

So cute!!

Marc and Landon rode the Bumper Cars!

They had some great Go- Karts that Landon was BARELY tall enough to drive alone. They put a pad behind him, but he still had trouble reaching the pedals!

Watching the boys!

He also rode with Marc:)
Landon had so much fun out there, but he told me on the way home that the best part was the train ride, because he got to see the story of Jesus' life. He really asked alot about what happened to Jesus and was really thankful for what Jesus did for us. It was a very special night for all of us.

First Basketball Game

Landon played in his first ever basketball game on Saturday. It was sooooo fun to watch!!!! He had a great time! He was exhausted afterwards!!!
Go Venom!!!
Getting ready for the jump ball!!!

Arms up and ready!

Shooting his first free throws!

Marc is helping coach when he is home. We have alot of friends on the team and we are excited to have alot of fun this season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

We are getting in the Christmas spirit here at the Flusche household!
We made our sugar cookies and let the kids help with the decorating. Macee helped with the tasting more so then the decorating!

She was licking the frosting off her cookie and loving every minute of it!!!

6 dozen sugar cookies later!

We sat and froze our bottoms off at the Christmas parade last Saturday!!

Uncle Matt and Ben enjoyed the parade as well!

Gingerbread House time!!!! If any of you remember from last year...... it was a NIGHTMARE!!! Our roof broke and we made one out of cardboard and it was such a pain!!! This year we were SOOOOOO excited to open our kit and find our house already assembled!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It was the best gingerbread kit I have ever bought!!! ha!!!!
Landon remembered the hassle of last years, and he too was thrilled!

The fun part, decorating!

Marc started getting a little carried away with the frosting...

Finished product! It wouldn't be a Flusche Gingerbread House if it didn't look like........hmmmmm, let's go with festive!

Mall Caroling

The Pre-K and two Kindergarten classes went caroling at the mall. It was adorable watching them sing and say little Christmas poems.

Landon's fan club:)

Wow, sing it Landon!!

Birthday Fun!

Landon had a great time at his birthday party at the children's museum. By the looks of the kiddos in this picture, I think they played HARD!
Landon and two of his best buddies from school.
Opening presents!!!

Make a Wish!!!!

The birthday boy gets to go in a money machine for one minute. There is pretend money in it and then the worker added 10 $1 dollar bills and 2 $5 dollar bills. She told Landon to only grab the real money. He did awesome!! He found 4 $1 and 1 $5 for a grand total of $9!!!

Having some pizza and cake!

Little Sarah loved the grocery store part of the museum, she played in there so long!!

Landon on the rock wall!!!

Landon and Abigail

He also had a party at home with his family. He loved this space station!

Red Light Saber from Uncle AJ!!!

Madden was there for the fun!

Sissy loved all the party excitment!

Little Ham:)

More presents!!!

Making another wish!!! What a great week full of birthday fun!!!!