Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We celebrated Valentine's Day early this year. Landon was sick with the flu over the weekend. My parents had been out of town for a few days and wanted to see the kids so they came over on Saturday to bring the kids their V-Day presents.
They were happy to see them!
Mamaw and Bumpa got Macee lots and lots of Minnie things!!

How many Minnie's are in this picture??

Landon got his favorite, Star Wars action figures! Poor kid lived in his jammies for 4 days with the flu.

This movie was the perfect gift when your just laying around the house!

On Sunday since we were still stuck in the house I gave the kids their gifts from Marc and I.

Macee was so excited to open another present!

Another movie!!!

Admiring his Star Wars sucker!

Macee loved her little m&m guy that had a little fan on top. She kept blowing the fan in her hair.

We got her the cutest Minnie Car and Minnie. I have to watch her with the candy though, she is the exact opposite of Landon and will eat ALL of it at once if I'm not looking!!! We had a very low key weekend since Landon was so sick, but I loved spending it with my two little valentines:)

101st Day of Kindergarten!!

For the 101st day of school, the kindergarten classes dress up as the 101 Dalmations. Landon loves any thing that involves costumes or dressing up. My mom made his tail and ears for him. I made the shirt and painted his face and he was ready to go!!! He also brought 101 tootsie rolls to school for his 101 items.

Macee was a little confused I think, she kept pointing at him and saying, "bubba doggie?"

Friday, February 4, 2011


Landon and I ventured out in the blizzard to see how deep it was!!

Snow Angel!
Macee was a little worried when she saw all the snow. She just kept saying "smow" over and over

We had so much fun sledding at the Bass Pro Hill. We will probably go back a few times before all the snow is melted... whenever that is...

My mom found Macee the cutest little snow boats, they have little pink puffy balls that hang off the back!

Landon had a blast going down in the laundry basket. He must have went down 30 times! He wasn't even tired from the climb back up!! He went down everyway imaginable, backwards, head first, etc! This kind of thing is heaven for a dare devil like him!!

Macee loved watching all the sledders!

Someone gave us their black tube to keep and it was so fast!!!!

We were affraid to send Macee down by herself, so we just let her go about 10 feet and we would catch her and send her back up. She was giggling so hard:)

Marc had fun as well:)
You can see all the cars parked up on the street, it is the perfect place to go sledding!!!

Fun with Friends

We went to Landon's classmates birthday at Bounce U last weekend. Here is Landon with some of his best buddies!

Macee was cracking me up! She loves being with the big kids, she will just join in like she is one of them!

Macee with some of her little buddies as well:) I love how Bryson is giving sweet Michael the "eye" for taking his food!

Last Saturday at Landon's basketball game I looked up the bleechers to see Macee with a group of boys!!

I'm not sure what they were doing, but I hope this is not a sign of the future!!! HAHA!!!

She was having alot of fun, she just loves kids of all ages!!!!

Talent Show

Landon and his good friend Danielle deceided that they wanted to be in the school Talent Show this year! They picked the idea themselves and were very excited! The sang "Take Us Out to the Ballgame." They sang it with music and had some really cute motions to go with it! They had a blast!!!

Perfect timing!

We were all SO proud!!!! :)