Thursday, June 30, 2011


Landon had been begging Marc and I to put him in karate for over a year now. I finally decided to let him try it out. He loves it!!!! He has only had 3 classes so far and I can see it on his face how much he is enjoying it. I am SOOO impressed with the instructors. They are the perfect combination of strict and fun!!! It is amazing how well the kids listen and behave. Landon loves the instructors already and tries so hard the whole time he is there.

Tonight he was awarded his white belt. He will start earning stripes on this belt and will then test for his yellow/gold belt sometime in between 6-12 stripes.

He is very proud of his white belt and is already talking about the black belt! HA!

Alot of people there think he looks like "Johnny" from the original Karate Kid:)


We all went bowling today for something different to do with the kids. We had alot of fun!

Macee loved rolling her bowl down the thing, but she would never wait and see how she did! She would scream and run back to the machine to watch her ball come back up!

Daddy helping sissy:)

Her favorite part!!!

SPARE!!! Of course, Landon was SSOOO competitive even at bowling. I do have to add that I had the highest score of the day!!! 126!!!!!!

I love my sweet boy:)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We new Marc would be at work on Father's Day, so we did it last weekend before he left. I always have a hard time thinking of gift ideas for Marc. He doesn't ever ask or want anything. The poor man NEVER buys himself ANYTHING!!!! Whether it's a new technology item, new pair of shoes, or something for his truck, nope, never! He would rather not spend the money then buy something or ask for something. So, I finally thought of Purple Glaze and decided to take the kids there a few weeks ago. It was our first time and I let them pick out something to paint for Daddy. Landon chose a baseball dish that has a lid. He thought daddy could put coins and special stuff in it:) I thought it was pretty cute how he painted OSU in the inside cause that is daddy's favorite. Macee painted a plate for Marc. She had so much fun painting and just kept painting the same spot over and over!

Landon wrapped the presents in birthday paper. hehe!

Macee showing Daddy her special gift:)

Here they are a few weeks ago working hard on their presents.

Your not concentrating unless your tongue is out;)'

I thought they looked so cute in the aprons they get to wear!!! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!!!

We are very lucky to have Marc in our lives. He is such an amazing father. He truly sacrifices soooooooo much for his family. He is the most unselfish person I have EVER met! He is the PERFECT father to our 2 kids. He plays with them constantly and gives them his undivided attention in whatever they are doing. They love him so much and look up to him. He will sit with Macee for hours and play board games, puzzles, and read books to her. He will do whatever crazy thing Landon wants to do at the drop of a hat, whether it be sword fighting, baseball, or building tents, if they ask for it, they get it:)

Recently Marc and Landon went to Rhode Island for Uncle AJ's graduation. They had such an awesome time together:)

My strong men!

Had to include and pic of Macee and her Daddy too;)


I also want to give a shout out to my dad, since this is a Father's Day post after all. I have a pretty amazing dad also. He was always there for me growing and still is now. Whether he was kicking soccer balls at my face, (literally) or lecturing me about my driving record, I always new how much he loved me and still does:)

Marc - ( if he ever wrote on this blog) would say his dad is pretty awesome as well. I mean Marc had to learn how to be such a good dad from someone:)

Marc and I are both pretty lucky in the father department:)

HAPPY FATHER' S DAY to all the wonderful dads in my life!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Official, we have a dog!

A few weeks ago my dad picked up 5 puppies on the side of the road. We decided to keep one for us, however since our house is on the market we thought we would keep it at my parents until we moved. I just thought it would be easier to not have to leave her or bring her with us everytime someone came to look at the house. But, poor Stella was getting lonely at my parents house and we thought she needed to get used to the kids so we brought her home for good!!!! She also needs to be trained and my parents are just to busy to work with her and give her enough attention. Landon and Macee LOVE her!!!! I think it is finally sinking in that she is their puppy since she is at our house now.

Last night was her first official night at our house and this morning the first thing the kids did was go outside and play with Stella:)
Good morning Stella!!!!

I think she is going to very happy with us!!!

Little Gymnast!

Macee had her last class at Little Gym last week. I think we will put her in gymnastics again in the fall but at an actual gym here in town. She loved going to little gym and really started to surprise me on what she could do!

They always hand out medals and cookies on the last day of class. This is Macee and Bryson. It was so cute when we were taking their picture, Macee got a really funny look on her face, and then she put her arm around Bryson!!!! It was soooo cute!
Me and my baby

Little Monkeys!!!!!

The bars are Macee's favorite thing. She played on them that day for 25 minutes straight!!!!! She can hang on them for so long and swing her legs back and forth. It is amazing how little kids can hold their bodies up that long!!! It was like she was a little feather just blowing back and forth!

Maybe, I will have a little gymnast some day:)