Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend:)

We had a great weekend. We spent pretty much 3 days in the water! My parents pool was just finished and we went over there to swim on Saturday, Sunday, and again for little bit today. I only remembered my camera today when we went over there, figures!! The water was pretty cool in the pool, so Macee loved to play in the hot tub. It was set at about 85 degrees, so it was just right for her!

Of course, sweet Stella was there for the fun:)

I just love Macee in swimsuits!!! She has 4 of them and I just think she is sooooo cute in them!!!

Landon is already turning into a little fish!

Macee getting dried off by Mamaw.

I love my sweet new puppy!!! She is the sweetest thing and sooo darn CUTE!!!!

Marc has never been much of a dog lover.... Hopefully, Stella can fix that!

Landon and Marc had fun doing crazy things off the diving board. Landon started doing front flips today. We are still working on his diving;)


Monday afternoon we went over to our friends house for baby
Camdon's first birthday party. We had so much fun!!!

Macee and Bryson are so sweet together! He calls her his girlfriend:)

Landon and Jadon have been buds for 3 years now, they have played baseball together since they were four.

They were reaching for eachother... so sweet!

My friend Nikki is amazing and made these cupcakes herself!!!!

Marc and the birthday boy having some fun!

Landon thinks Snugg is "so cool" and loves hanging out with him. Snugg was trying to teach Landon some new dance moves!

This would have been a cute picture of Nikki and I! Thanks alot MARC!!!!!

We had such a fun weekend in the water and sun! Can't wait to have many more just like it this summer!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

Friday was Landon's Kindergarten Graduation. He still has two more days of school left... if you want to call it school- Monday is the Drillers Game and Tuesday is Fun Day!! His graduation started after school mass. They each got their diplomas in front of the whole school and then they sang the sweetest song. I thought I was going to loose it when one of the kindergarten teachers read a poem before the ceremony started. It was a very bittersweet day for me. I am so proud of Landon and everything he has done this school year. He has done excellent in his school work, built amazing friendships, been a very helpful and loving big brother, and he has learned so much about our Catholic Faith. I am amazed at the things he tells me everyday. One thing that just happend recently that comes to my mind was when we were getting out of the car at school and I had a million things in my hands for PTO of course, I was trying to get the stroller out and I ended up spilling my brand new cup of coffee. The first thing Landon says was" its okay, mom, it was just a cup of coffee, thats not the worst thing that can happen, we are all still alive and healthy." Those little words coming from my 6 year old totally made my day! I was actually happy I spilt my coffee just because I got to hear him say that:)

Getting his diploma!!!!
Proud Mommy and Sissy at the reception.

Checking out his AMAZING scrapbook from his school year. His teacher made each of them a scrapbook with all their pictures from field trips, holidays, family, etc. It is so special and I will cherish it forever!

Landon and his Mamaw

Landon and his Papa.

Landon and his best friend Dani. They are just adorable, if I do say so myself!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Macee's TWO!!!!!!!

Well... the day has finally arrived. Not really sure how I feel about my baby girl turning 2. Sometimes I get very sad about it and want my little baby back. To me turning 2 means no more "baby" and she is officially a "toddler". Then other times I am happy that she is getting older and turning into her own little person. She has changed SO much in just the last 2 weeks. Since the main reason that I do this blog is to have a scrapbook of my kids, I am going to write about what she is up to and into these days....

Food: she is a great eater! She will try new things and still eats fruits and veggies without a FIGHT!!! It must be a miracle!!! She loves sushi!!! She also LOVES candy. I am okay with her eating a little candy because she does eat such a balanced diet. She loves to eat salad, yes you heard me salad. I even order her a salad when we go eat, because if I don't she will eat mine and none of her own food!

Play: she LOVES to draw!! I can not even believe how much she loves to draw and color. She is holding the crayon/marker like a big girl and when she colors she has to fill the whole page before she is done. All day long she will say "I draw" which means she wants me to get out her art box. She also loves to do anything outside of course. She loves to build blocks and big legos. She loves Toy Story, Minnie, and Hello Kitty. She also knows what Princesses are. I am in for it thats for sure;) She loves PJs and will get so excited when its time to put them on!

Other info: She is very possessive, everything is "Macee's" and she will also point to other peoples things and say whos they are. She is not afraid to play on anything or go down any slides. She goes to bed like a perfect angel!!!! I am soooo thankful for this!!! She also still naps great! She does throw some fits and whines some, but it has not gotten to bad....yet! She loves her relatives! She is crazy about her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Sometimes in the car she will just name everyone in our family. I think it is her way of telling me she loves them and is thinking about them:) I just love her so much and I can't believe she has been with our family for 2 whole years already!! I can't imagine life without her. She brings soooo many laughs to our family. Tonight at dinner she wanted her baby on the table so she could feed her some corn with her fork;) She said "baby eat, ummm"

I just had to put one of my favorites in here with her new big girl pics:)

On Tuesday before Landon's game we went to dinner (mexican- in honor of her Cinco De Mayo bday) and they sang to her. She wasn't really excited about the sombrero but she LOVED the dessert!

Happy birthday Sissy!

yumm! Strawberries and whip cream!

This is her favorite place to color- on the kitchen floor.

She is very serious about her coloring! Maybe she will be an artist!!

She always has a hug for one of her babies)

She loves it when her daddy colors with her. She bosses him around and tells him where to color!! HA! and he listens of course!

She is really good at driving the Escalade!! Marc holds it with a rope so she doesnt crash into anyones cars though! She can actually change it from reverse to forward at the appropriate times!

One of my favorite things of my day is when I lay her down at night and she says in her sweet little voice OVER and OVER "my mommy, my mommy" until I shut the door:) It melts my heart!

Happy Birthday my sweet Macee!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Macee's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Macee's birthday party on Saturday. She LOVED every minute of it!!! She got so many great gifts and had so much fun with her family and friends. Her theme was Minnie Mouse, of course!!! It turned out so fun! Her cake was made by Ashley Weatherford, let me know if you every want her info. Enjoy the pictures!!!

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