Thursday, January 27, 2011

Venom Basketball!

Landon is having a great time playing basketball!!!! His team gets better and better each game. He has some good friends on the team and is just loving every minute of it!

Landon is posting up trying to get open! There is usually a very tall boy that marks landon since he is the tallest one on his team, however, he is little compared to most of the players that guard him! What are people feeding their kids???:) this team happened to be in first grade instead of kindergarten.

I love how he is not afraid to get after it!

This is Landon's very special friend Danielle from school. She came out to cheer him on this past Saturday! After the game he went to her house to play and practice for their Talent Show Duet!! Don't worry I will do a post on it as soon as it happens!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Macee 20 Months:

I haven't done an update on Macee in a few months, so I thought I would. Yesterday at the Little Gym it was her last class. But we signed up again cause we both love it!!! They got medals and cookies yesterday at the end of class. I didn't get a good picture because as soon as Ms. Tammy gave her the cookies she was gone!!! Ha!!!

This is her new face she make when she is excited!!! I love it!! It is so funny!!! She was making it because it was time for the bubble machine and as soon as she heard the bubble song come on she ran over to the bubble station and was so excited!

She loves getting the bubbles blown on her belly still:)
Waiting for the airtram to blow up
The uneven bars and the balance beam are her favorite
Macee loves playing light saber fighting....hmmmm.. wonder why????:)
She is OBSESSED with coloring!!!!! She would color for hours if I let her!!!! She loves markers the best!! I have only found one mark on the wall from her;)

So sleepy in this picture. But she loves Minnie Mouse sooooo much!!! She has her Minnie jammies on and is holding her Minnie. I love how she says Minnie "Mimmie" it is so cute!!! She takes her everywhere we go and sleeps with her. I am so glad I did not have her be Minnie for Halloween last year, I waited until she would know who she was and so this year will be so fun for her!!!! If she still likes her by then! HA! But I have a good feeling she will! She is starting to talk so much more and is so fun to play with. She is just so hard to figure out sometimes, she likes certain people alot and then others she cries if they talk to her???? Silly girl!!! She loves to help me around the house. Tonight I caught her crawling around with a towel wiping the hard wood floors. It was adorable!!!!