Saturday, October 2, 2010

FAIR, food, Flusche's, and fun!!!

Friday after school Macee, Landon, Ben, Ash, Matt, Luke, AJ, and I went to the fair. We had a great night. My pictures kept diappearing when I was uploading them to the blog, so I had to keep adding them again. So they are all out of order. Here is Macee at the Petting Zoo.

They had so much fun riding all the rides!

Macee enjoyed her first Fair Corndog!!!!

and ice cream:)

Macee LOVED the petting zoo!!! She went nuts in there, running from goat to goat. She kept calling them "doggy". She tried everyway she could to get IN the fence with them, she was trying to put her head in between the bars, she wanted to lay her head on the dirty goats (gross, I know). She was so fun to watch in there!!!

Landon, of course wanted to ride ALL the rides!

If you look closely you can see Ben and Landon in the 2nd car!

Here she is again trying to get as close to the "doggy" (goats) as possible:)

There was a HUGE roller coaster at the fair this year. It cost $8.00 a person to ride and took 10 semi trucks to get it there. Landon wanted to ride it, so AJ and Landon rode it!!!! He loved it!!!

You can't really see him, but you can see AJ with his arms up! Landon is in the back next to him. He said his bottom was coming up off the seat on the big drops!!!

He was very proud of himself:)

Waiting in line!

Here is picture of it.
We all had a great time. I told Marc, next year we will def have to get the Mega Ride Pass for Landon. That kid is a ride lover!!!! Maybe next year Macee will ride some also!!!

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