Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Gym for my little Macee

Today we had our 2nd day of our class at the Little Gym. I could see a HUGE difference in Macee in just one week! She joined in alot more of the group activities today! We are in a class with 19-24 month olds, so that we could be with our friends. The class goes until January so she will be fine. Today she played her bells and ran in a circle to the music for the warm-up. She even did her first forward roll!!!!!!! It was the cutest thing ever!!! Afterwards she just layed on her back like "what the heck just happened?" It was so funny! Of course she loved the free play, balls, and bubble time. She even shot a basket today!!
Watching her teacher shake the bells
Climbing, climbing, and more climbing!

Each week they set up different areas for them to play on and explore.

I have alot of fun playing with her and visiting with my mommy friends!

concentrating so hard!

Her favorite thing today to play one

Love this special time with my baby girl. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


I can not believe Landon is in Kindergarten!!!!! He was SOOO excited this morning! While eating breakfast he kept saying "This is going to be so much fun". He makes me so proud. He is not afraid to do anything and school is one of his favorite things!!! I told him that I might cry today and wanted to know why. I explained to him that he is getting bigger and it makes mommy sad and happy at the same time. He said "please do not cry in the classroom, people will think you are silly" I didn't cry though:) I know he will have such an awesome year. I feel so comfortable leaving him at a school that I trust so much and know that he is getting an awesome education and learning about our faith. Here are some pictures from this morning.
Big Boy!
So sweet!

Loves his Batman backpack!

"My Bubba is going to be where all day??!?!?"

Putting away his lunch box!

Getting ready to start his day.

Class fish

Class bunny, Butterscotch.

Landon and his friend Dani.

Landon's kindergarten teacher sent him a little school bus in the mail about a week before school started and told him to draw what he wanted to learn in kindergarten this year. He loved doing this! He has so many things he is excited to learn about!

(starting from top left: rockets, weather, read, tornadoes, volcanoes, planets, dinosaurs, and math- or to count to 1,000!) I thought he did such a great job and will save this picture forever!
I can not wait to hear about his first day!!!!! I missed my little guy today!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Party!

Today we went to our friend's little boys 2nd birthday at the Little Gym. It was great timing because Macee and I are taking a Mommy and Me class there starting this Wednesday. I was glad she was going to try it out before we started! She liked it and had alot of fun! She is hard to figure out sometimes though... She would run around and play on everything and then she would just lay down and rest her head!! It was so funny to me. I'm not sure if I think its so weird because Landon would go 100 miles an hour and never take a break. I think she will even like it more when it is kids her age and the class is geared towards them.

She was playing peek a boo behind this big mat.
So cute!

Landon had a great time with 2 of his baseball buddies!

One day there and now he thinks he is a gymnast! HA!

He loved the balance beam.

Here is what I was talking about... just taken a break?!!?

Macee and the birthday boy:)

I could stare at her all day;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neighborhood buddies!

We play outside EVERY night with our great group of friends!!! The kids have so much fun together and look forward to it every night after dinner.

Macee loves it as well and will cry at the door until we head on out to enjoy the HEAT!!!!
It is to hot for her to wear her clothes outside! Besides, who doesn't like to see a little sweet baby in their diaper?!?!

Tonight the kiddos tied the wagon onto the Escalade and went around and picked up "trash" (toys) and put them in the back of the wagon. They were playing "Garage Man".

It is really cute when two sit in the car and the rest ride in the wagon and they pull each other around:)

This would have been a great picture, if my child wasn't a nutcase!

Macee's 15 month check up

Macee is 15 months!!! She DID NOT like the dr.'s office this time! It was the first time she was been very scared! She didnt have to get shots but she cried so hard when they tried to weigh her!!! I knew that is going to be a rough visit after that melt down!!!! We saw the lady dr. this time and I think next time I will make sure she sees Dr. Knippers and see if that helps. The lady is so nice, but Knippers kinda looks like my dad and Marc's dad a little so maybe she will warm up to him better! She loved playing with the penguins in our room.
Having a little snack to pass the time!
Penguin love!!

sooo silly!!!

Sooo sweet!!!
She weighed 23 lbs- 53%
height 31.5 in- 67%
her head was in the 95% ( to fit her big brain, of course:)
They said she looked great!!! They did watch her walk for awhile and said that "it was okay for now"..... they will keep their eye on it. Macee has a bit of a hip twist when she walks. I think it is the cutest little booty shakin' walk I have ever seen, but she does twist at the hips a little. She will probably out grow it. I guess that's why Landon says "Macee girl, where you think your goin' with your hips a shackin', it is adorable when he says that to her!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hut Hut time!

We signed Landon up for football for the fall. Marc bought him a football so they could start practing throwing and catching it. Landon loves it already! They had a pretend game in the house since it is 109 degrees outside!

Those are socks hanging from his pants, they are his flags:)