Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball Season Is Here!

Landon is playing baseball again this year. He is playing in a league called Tiger Ball. In this league they keep score, have umps, and the coach pitches the ball to them 3 times and if they have not hit it then they get 2 chances from the T. It is alot of fun to watch this year, since they have outs and the speed of the game has picked up some since last year. His team is the Red Sox. They have nice uniforms that look like Major League jerseys. They started the season with a win last night!
I think he looks so cute in his uniform!!!
Serious Ball Player

Landon played first base last night and did so good! He got three players out!!!

On first base, getting some coaching!

Running Home!!!
Red Sox 10 Thundercats 8, WAY TO GO RED SOX!!!

I love this picture with all their names on the uniforms, I also think it is to cute how their little feet can't even touch the ground when they sit on the bench :)

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