Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Havin' Fun!

Since the weather has been so nice we have been spending alot of time outside! Macee LOVES riding in the Escalade with Landon, she just smiles the whole time she is in there. Landon is very careful with his baby sister. They had a race against our neighbor Bill the other day. I think Landon won:)

Landon likes taking her for rides, he is so sweet to her!
She thinks she is SOOO big in there with Bubba!

I thought this pic was just to funny to leave out!

So Sassy!!!

Love her!!!

This is my friend Martha's baby Owen. Macee's future boyfriend/husband..hehe!! Macee just loves him so much, she gets so excited when he is around. We have to watch her or she will just grab his head!!

There she is going after sweet baby Owen!

Macee loves to swing, so we bought her one to hang in the garage.... she loves it!!!

Tonight is Landon's first baseball game so I will have lots of new pics of him tomorrow!!!!

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