Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I am warning you now, this post has LOTS of pictures!! We had such a jam packed Easter weekend and I just loved so many of the pictures!!

I LOVE this picture of her!!!! BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!
Landon and Ben had a great time at Papa's on Saturday. They had an Easter Egg Hunt and got lots of goodies!!

Macee also got this Bunny and some goodies!!

Easter morning the kids had fun looking at their baskets from the Easter Bunny!

Family Picture after church on Sunday. Landon just looks so grown up :(

Love this pic of Macee!

Macee had fun just being outside and enjoying the weather. Daddy helped her find some eggs!

Landon was a big helper and showed Macee where some eggs were hiding.

Landon and Bumpa looking for some more eggs! Landon is not a big candy lover, so the eggs had stickers and money in them..... wish there were adult easter egg hunts:)

Thanks Mamaw and Bumpa for all the great stuff!!

Macee got some cute sunglasses in her basket :)

My mom was taking a picture and Lilly just happened to go in for a kiss!!! YIKES!!!

Landon loves to help his Bumpa work in the yard.

Everyone loves to ride a John Deer...right?

We were so happy to have Great Grandma and Grandpa here for the weekend :)

Yes, that is ANOTHER Easter Basket.... Grandparents have to spoil 'em, its in their nature!
We had so much fun this weekend. It was Macee's first Easter and she did so great! I was happy Marc was home to see the kids have so much fun:)

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