Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Sunday we met Landon's friend Dani and her parents at the Safari in Broken Arrow. We had never been and they love it. It was such an awesome experience!!!!

How cool is this?!?!?! Holding a real alligator!!!!
Love these pics of them!

Landon feeding a camel a whole apple!!

Macee of course loved it! She fed the goats forever!

Here she is feeding a kangaroo. They like animal crackers, so Macee would eat one and then feed on to the animals:)

A baby alligator

Landon held a baby fox too!!!

The coolest part was feeding all the wildcats chicken legs! The tigers would climb up and pull the chicken out of the stick.

Sweet baby

You have to feed them at the same time or they will fight over the chicken.

We had so much fun there and Landon can not wait to go again!!!

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