Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer Service and Pow-Wow

Landon and I made some cute Pilgrim Hat cookies that I saw another friend had made. They are yummy and easy!!!
Landon likes to help make things in the kitchen:)

On Tuesday Landon's class led the prayer service for the school. They sang the sweetest songs.

Here is Landon bringing his letter up to the alter.

Both Kindergarten classes. Landon is in the middle row, far right.

"Give Thanks to the Lord"

They also had a Pow-Wow that afternoon. They sang some more songs and did a Ribbon Dance.

Landon is 2nd from the right.

The dance was so fun to watch. He did so good!

They wore all the Indian stuff they had made. Beaded necklaces, vest with Indian symbols, and a feather hat.

Macee had fun watching bubba's class:)

She wanted to sit in the Tee-Pee:)

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