Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SIX........ ALREADY?!?!?!?!

I Can not believe my oldest child is 6 today!!! That seems so old!
Landon has a very special birthday today! His class is going on a field trip and he brought Star Wars cupcakes to school! Tonight his grandparents and aunts and uncles are coming over for pizza, presents, and cake! Then on Saturday he is having his party with all his friends at the Kaliedoscope Children's Museum. He of course is bouncing of the walls- he has been for a few days!! Landon is turning into such a young boy now. He is so helpful around the house and with his sister. He is taking on more responsibilities and is loving it! As Landon continues to get older, I just pray that he keeps his outgoing, adventurous, goofy, and sensitive personality. He can be so wild and daring, yet so kind and loving. He makes me so proud to be his mommy!!! I love you sweet boy and I am so happy to call you my son!
*Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of my sweet little boy before he got so big :'(

This is one of my all time favorites!!!! Man, I love that kid!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Bubba!!!!!

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