Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Party!!!!!

Tonight Landon layed a blanket out on the living room floor and set up Macee's little tea party set. He said "Mommy, girls like to play tea party right?" I said "of course, why" and he said "well I set up a special tea party for Macee, can we all play it with her?" It was the sweetest thing ever!!! It is so great seeing how much he loves her and adores her. Sometimes he gets a little rough with her, but for the most part he is very kind and loving to his baby sissy, or as he calls her "Little Stinkers"

"Here sissy have some tea"

"Yummy" Macee loved pretending to drink from her cup:) She would make slurping sounds and then say "Ahhhh" when she drank it all!!! So funny!!!!

It is so fun watching her play.

"Here mommy have some tea"

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