Monday, July 19, 2010

New Floors!!!!

Once again my pics are in backwards order! ugh!!! Blogger is not user friendly when it comes to ordering your pics the way you want them!!! Anyway, we got rid of our carpet and put in hardwood floors! Our carpet was just nasty and with 2 little ones it would just be so much smarter to have hardwoods instead of carpet.

Here is a finished pic. We put it everywhere but the bedrooms and kitchen.

Here is the playroom once the carpet was out.

We are so thankful for Marc's brothers!!! Luke and AJ helped pull up the carpet and the tile in the entry way. It was not fun getting the glue from the tile off the cement.

Working hard!

Of course Landon wanted to help. Marc and his brothers did all the prep work and then we had someone come and put the floors in for us. I am so happy with how the floors look!!! They look so nice!!!!

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