Monday, July 19, 2010


I haven't done an update on Macee in awhile so I thought I would:) She is 14.5 months old.
She is into everything of course. She is so sweet and is so much more of a lap baby then Landon was. She still likes to go and get into to everything but she also loves to just sit on your lap or be carried around the house!! She will pick up trash and throw in the trashcan, it is so cute! I was in the shower and she picked up my dirty clothes and put them in my closet and shut the door. She just likes to pick up. However, this does not stop her from carrying random things all over the house and leaving them in weird places:)

She likes to do what Landon is doing. She will sit and watch him and then repeat what he does.
Had to throw a picture of Landon in here!

She still likes to stick her hand in VCR part of the DVD player. Of course, it gets stuck and she screams! HA! She is soooo tough, she has had some pretty bad falls and she never cries!!! She has a bruise on her forehead where she fell on the pirate ship at Landon's dentist and she never made a peep!

This is the strange face she makes when I get the camera out and say smile. She raises her eyebrows and leans her head back. It is hillarious, but I have to admit I like her normal smile much better!

Doing some puzzles.

She also likes to run off and hide behind the couch and wait for me to come look for her. Then when I see her she laughs so hard and runs to another hiding spot. It is so silly!!! Macee loves stairs right now. She already knows to make the "vrrrrrrm" noise when she is in any toy with a steering wheel. She will grab the wheel and make the noise. I guess she picked that up from landon. She will make that noise also when she holds one of Landon's cars. Don't worry though, she has plenty of girl toys too!!!

Sweet blue eyes!

She is growing up so fast! She is still an awesome eater! She also lays down for nap and bedtime so easily. She is just such a good baby! I could not love her anymore!!!! :)

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