Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities

We had a great and busy fourth of July weekend. My pics are in the wrong order. On Sunday night we went over to Martha's and Sean's for a party and to watch Rockets over Rhema. We had such a great time.
Landon found a new found love for Kool-aid.
Macee loves chairs and will just go around and sit in all different ones.

This is Martha's baby Owen. Such a sweetie!!

Megan and Brian just got back from their Honeymoon!!!

Me and my very best friends. I love those two:)

Landon had a great time with Martha and Sean's niece in the jumper.

Throwin some shoes.

On Saturday night we had a party with family and neighbors. It was kinda rainy, but we shot fireworks off anyway!!

Four of the five Flusche Fellas:) (Sweet hat Marc)

Sweet kiddos!!!!

Sweet baby girl with her Mamaw. Her shirt says "All American Sweetheart"

Macee and her Papa

Macee givin her uncle Luke some lovin', so sweet!

Man! Macee loves the men in her life! Macee and her Bumpa!


I think we had enough!!!!

Landon and I made a cake!! I felt very festive making this!!! HA!!!