Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun Filled Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend!!! The weather was so great!!! My pictures are in backwards order... sorry!! This pic below shows how curly Macee's hair is getting in the back. I also just love her in these little outfits where you can see her yummy thighs!!!

I could just eat those legs up!!!! ;)
My mom took this picture and I LOVE it!!!!! It is one of my all time favorites!!!

We had dinner at my parents tonight and Landon and Aunt Carrie played some "Mouse Trap" before dinner.

Macee and her Mamaw. Macee was showing us how sweet she is tonight. I would say "love your Mamaw" and she would lay her head on her shoulder and say "awwww" in the sweetest little voice. She did it to all of us, so cute!

Giving her Mama smooches!!

This afternoon we went over to Ben's to play with his new sprinkler. The boys had a blast. They kept asking to get in the pool, so Uncle Matt said yes. It was freezing!! They are true boys and did not care! Their lips were sooo purple!!

I just love it when Macee makes this face. She scrunches up her nose and it is so funny!!! She does it all the time!

I couldn't get enough of her in her little matching swimsuit and sunhat!

Silly boys enjoying the hot sun!

This has to be the cutest backside ever;)

On Saturday Landon went to a pool party for a little girl in his class. Their pool was heated so no purple lips!! This is Landon and his best friend Dani. They get along so well and are just inseparatable!!!

Landon and Dani playing in the pool.
We had such a great weekend, it makes me even more excited about spending the summer with my kiddos!!!


  1. wow!! looks like u had a fun day. I love the 'giving mamma smooshes' foto. its adorable!!

  2. So much fun! I am loving her little legs too! Tell her there ain't nothin' wrong with some thunder thighs...they have suited me perfectly fine!