Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have taken so many pictures of Macee lately, I thought I would share some of them :)
This is one of her favorite things to do, tear up my magazines!
She loves her new mower, she cant walk with it yet cause the handle isnt very sturdy so she crawls and pushes it!!! So funny!!!

She loves to walk behind her little stroller.

She has also found a new love for climbing. She tries to climb my table by putting her foot on the shelf below.

This wood activity center keeps her pretty busy!!
Here she is in Landon's room just watching him play..... She loves to go in his room with him and "try"to do what he does, or just be his audience :)

Her hair is really getting longer... I can not wait until the day I can put it in pig tails!!!!!!!!!

She loves the laugh and learn table she got for her birthday from Papa and Grandma Beth.

Trying to play with Bubba's toys again..

Sooo stinking cute!!! Notice her farmers tan already. I cant wait to see how tan she gets once we start going to the pool. She tans so easily even with her baby sunscreen on!

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