Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Party Time!

We celebrated Macee's first birthday party on Sunday. It was a great day!! The theme of the party was cupcakes.
These are the plates that we used.
Macee's smash cake. It was huge so I only let her smash half of it!

My mom helped me make the decorations. These are her cute intials on a stick.

All the decorations looked so cute!!!

My mom and I made "cupcake pops", they were alot of work. I don't think we will make them again :)

Her birthday banner

The cupcakes were adorable!!!!

Landon and Ben had fun helping Macee with her presents!!!

Proud parents!!!

Her Nana made her a quilt, it was adorable!

She was so happy like always and had a great time!!!

Aunt Carrie got her the pink car, a most for every girl!!!

Macee and her Mamaw

Macee and Aunt Carrie

Macee and Bumpa

Macee and papa and grandma Flusche

Macee with the quilt from her Nana

Macee loves babies, she is giving her baby a kiss:)

Martha and Sean, her godparents, and of course her boyfriend Owen:)

"ARe you sure this is for me????"


WoW! She smashed it alright!!!!
We had such a great day with all our family and friends that came to celebrate with us!!! We could not have asked for a better day for our sweet little girl!!!

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  1. hey from mbc! your kiddos are truly, truly adorable!