Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just some random pics...

Last week we went to Rooster Days. Macee had a great time at the park. She is just crazy about swinging!!

and Marc is just crazy about her :)
Landon of course had to ride every ride he was tall enough for!

Uncle Luke got Landon and Ben matching Batman tattoos!!

This weekend was our neighbor Abigail's birthday party. It was a Princess/Prince party. Landon dressed up as a prince. He didn't want to wear the full costume cause it was hot outside.

Macee wore her Halloween costume! She was a flower for Halloween, but it still fit and it looks like a princess kinda also!

She had a great time watching all the bigger kids play.

Today at school was Landon's Pre-K picnic. We had to move it inside cause of the rain. After the picnic they performed a little musical play they have been learning in music class. It was very cute and funny!!!

Landon - one of the pigs building his house of sticks.

It was wear purple day for Teacher Appreciation Week, but Landon was not to happy with his purple shirt this morning so he chose to wear his uniform shirt instead... I guess he thinks boys can't wear purple. :)


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