Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Motzart

Landon loves to write songs. He will fill an entire page with music notes and then play songs on his little piano at home. He will sing along while he plays. Every song he writes and sings is completely an original. He told his music teacher about this at school and she told him to bring his music to school and play for her and his class. It is so sweet. She took his picture and wrote about it on her class blog. I copied and pasted it below.
(Notice his page of filled with music notes :))
I am going to feature a class each week and share with you what we are doing during our Music Class.
Today Landon Flusche shared with us his love for music. He has been composing and playing on his little piano. He also names his songs and sings with them. He shared "The Zoo" and "The Circus". It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
We have been watching "Tubby, The Tuba" which is going along with our circus theme.
We also read stories and the children play either a pitched or unpitched percussion instrument with the story. Each instrument is either an animal, a person, or a phrase. We decided that we use all of our senses when we do this activity. Our book was Inside a Barn in the Country.
The children are learning to listen and echo what I sing to them. They also are learning to listen and repeat a pattern that I clap. Soon we will begin folk dancing which will include dancing with older students and then dancing with only our class. Watch for pictures.

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