Monday, February 15, 2010

Hospital Visit :(

Macee was hospitalized this past weekend with RSV. It all started last weekend with what we thought was her typical teething symptoms, refusing her bottle, runny nose and congestion. Then Marc and I noticed a complete change in her personality. She did not want to play at all!!! She did not want to be put down either, she just looked soooooo sick. She would take food but is was next to impossible to get her to take any liquids.....What really made us start to worry was her rapid breathing and the wheezing sounds she was making. So I took her to the Dr. on Thursday. He was concerned about her breathing as well. He explained that she should be breathing anywhere from 30-35 breaths a minute and she was in the 60's!!!! SCARY!!!! He said she was wearing herself out trying to breath. She also had ear infections and dehydration. So he sent us straight over to the St. Franics Children's Hospital. Once we got there they started pumping fluids in her quickly through an IV. They were giving her breathing treatments, antiobiotics for the ear infection, and sucking mucus out of her nose through an amazing machine. Macee HATED getting that done, but man it worked soooo good!!! They kept her oxygen level monitored to make sure it stayed above 90. She did- thankfully- so she never had to be put on oxygen. We spent about 24 hours there and then she was discharged. She was bored and so was I!!! They sent us home with a breathing treatment machine and we are continuing to do those at home. She is still not herself... she is extremely clingy towards me, she wants to be held most of the time. She is beginning to play and crawl around a little more each day. We are still pushing fluids against her will!!! I just hate worrying about her getting dehydrated again. She did however take home a "lovely present" from the hospital as our Dr. called it... Diareha.... YUCK!! He said it will just run its corse. I am ready for her to be completely over this and back to her cheerful self!!!!

Mamaw brought her favorite toy up to the hospital and she did finally decide to play with it the 2nd day we were there, not for to long, as you can see she looks pretty pitiful here :(
Getting a few minutes of sleep before they come and poke at her !

Let me out of this cage!!!!

I did enjoy all our special cuddle time :)

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