Monday, February 1, 2010

Cabin Fever!

After being stuck in side for a couple days from the ice and snow storm, Landon had a little bit of Cabin Fever!!! I should realy clarify that..... he was bouncing off the walls!!!!!!! So we deceided he could ride his scooter in the house to use up some of that never ending, five year old boy, energy!!!

He was popping wheelies all over the house!!
Since we didnt leave the house, we also didn't spray down that sweet bed head ;)

Macee just loves playing with her toys!!

I just can't get enough of her sweet toes!!! I don't think her feet have grown since the day she was born!!

Macee took off her sock and carried it around in her mouth while she CRAWLED around. Did I mention she is OFFICIALLY crawling!!! She has her mind set on anything of Landon's and goes for it!! I am not sure why she carried her sock around like a little puppy dog, but it sure was cute!!!

"Where are you Bubba, I'm coming for ya"

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