Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Macee at 9 months (well almost :))

Macee will not be 9 months until Feb 5th, but
I just could not wait any longer to post about all her new things she is doing!!! She is so much fun!! She is so happy and cheerful. She has this noise that she loves to make all day long, it is like a little yell, not to loud, but she just does it over and over!!! Every time I turn a page in a book, when strangers talk to her, etc. She loves feeding herself little puffs and melts. She loves her sippy cup and I have to play tug of war to get that thing out of her mouth sometimes!!

She now goes from sitting on her bottom to her knees, she will pull herself to standing also, she has to have soemthing to dig her face into to help get her booty off her knees!! It is really cute. She usually uses me to pull up on.
This is her trying to stand up all the way :)

She is SO close to crawling!!! I thought she might just skip crawling because she was not showing any interest in it, until a few days ago. She know goes from her bottom to all fours constantly!! She gets in this position and rocks back and forth. She will pick up her arms over and over, all she has left to figure out is how to get those legs to move!!!

Sweet baby girl

I came into her room and found her STANDING in her crib!!! We lowered the mattress to avoid a fall!! (This pic was before we lowered the bed)

Hi Mommy!! Look at me I am a big girl!!

She loves her toy baskets. If I just get one toy out she will get mad until I dump over the whole basket, so she can climb in and get whatever toy she wants.

She loves this house my parents got her for Christmas. This is her toy that we keep in the playroom. She loves playing with it when Landon is in the room playing with his toys. She doesn't care if he plays with her, just as long as he is in the room with her she is happy!

She has been making the funniest faces lately. She is playing with her teeth, she has 2 on bottom and one on top. I am thinking that the 2nd one up top will be here pretty soon!
Macee loves bath time, she cries when I pull the drain out!! She likes all baby food. She loves riding in the front of the shopping cart and talking to all the strangers!!! She takes 2 naps a day now. She is also enjoying the nursery at the gym now, thank goodness!!! She has really changed in the past few weeks, she wants to be on the go so badly!! She is very loving and still likes to be swaddled and rocked. Although, she will put herself to sleep in her crib if she is swaddled, has pacifier, and her music is on! She is very tacktile, she likes to feel her blankets with her fingers when she sleeps and she plays with her hair when she is sleepy. It is so sweet!! I love this little girl so much and I am so thankful to be staying home with her during this memorable time in her life!!

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  1. Wow! How is it I can live next door and not have seen her in so long. It seems like she has grown up so much. I think she might have even lost some of her cute cheeks. She is sooo cute.