Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

We have been so busy lately with Landon and Marc's birthday festivities!!! No matther how I upload the pictures they never end up in the right order!!!!

Landon had a pirate party and the kids really enjoyed smacking the pirate pinata!! So did I!!!
Landon and his party guests!!!

Make a wish!!

I made each child a treasure map and hid treasure chest outside. They had a great time finding the chests and getting there loot!!!

Party Decor

Landon wanted to go to El Tequila for his actual birthday dinner. We have been eating here since he was a tiny baby!! He loves the queso and really wanted to wear the sombrero and be song to by the waiters!!! We had a great time with my parents, Carrie, and Josh.

On Marc's birthday we went downtown to the outdoor ice skating rink. We had so much fun!!! Landon and I skated and he was really good!!! They had a huge lighted Christmas tree and lots of great Christmas music. It really put us in the Christmas spirit!!

Macee and Marc cheered Landon and I on from OUTSIDE the rink!


Such great memories made! Might have to make it a tradition!

Sweet :)

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