Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet and Serious Soldier

We had another great weekend enjoying the Christmas spirit! Landon helped his Grandma bake sugar cookies at her house. He loves putting the frosting and the sprinkles on. The more sprinkles the better!! We also had his Christmas play at church on Sunday. We have been going to rehersals the past two Sundays, so Landon was very excited that it was finally time for the "real show". He chose to be a soldier and he said "soldiers are mean and do not smile, I have to be tough in the play", so that is what he did! He was so happy that so many family members came to watch him!! He has a great fan base!!! He even waved and said hi to cousin Ben from the stage, it was to cute!!!

Macee loves her Bumpa (and his beard) :)

Singing along

VERY serious soldier

He loves to wear customes, so this was right up his alley!!

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  1. He did such a good job! It was too cute when he said HI to Ben!