Monday, November 23, 2009

We are ready for Christmas!!!

Macee enjoyed watching us decorate the tree
Get Down!!!

So careful!

Yes, we already put up our lights, tree, and other decorations!! Landon and I could not wait any longer!!! Landon has so much fun getting the house ready. He helped Marc hang the outside lights and loves putting ornaments on the tree. His favorite part is looking at all of his ornaments that he hasn't seen in a year. He gets a few each year for Christmas and oddly enough he really appreciates them!!! I must say he gets that from me, I love ornaments!!! I believe a tree can never have to many ornaments!!! Landon even has a small tree in his room that he enjoys turning on at night while we read his bedtime story. Macee enjoys looking at the lights on the trees also!! We are already counting the days till Santa comes!!!

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