Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009!!!!

We had a great Christmas this year. Marc was able to be home from the rig so that was a huge PLUS!!!!! I can not even imagine Christmas with out him!!! We went to visit Marc's mom at her house a few days before Christmas. Landon loves playing with her new puppy. He carries it around like it is a stuffed animal! Sorry I have no pictures from that visit... On Christmas Eve we went to Matt and Ashley' s and ate and let LAndon and his cousin Ben play. It started snowing really bad while we were over there. We braved the roads and the blizzard and went to six o'clock mass. After mass we headed over to Marc's dads for dinner and presents. It was quite a drive!!! We saw so many cars in the ditch! I was a nervous wreck!! Here are some pics from that night.

Unlce Luke and AJ got the boys flight suits!!! It was a HUGE hit!!!!
Landon and Ben with plastic Santa, he is pretty much part of the Flusche Family :)

This is Macee on Christmas morning!!! She had pink eye and congestion so bad...poor baby. She loves the presents!! She loved the paper of course and the bows. But she would really smile at all her new toys.

This is a view from our living room on Christmas morning. On Christmas day we went over to my parents house for more presents and dinner. My mom has so many presents she couldn't even remember where she hid them all!!! She kept bringing more out after we thought we were done!!!

Macee loves her Bumpa!!!

and her Mamaw!!

Opening presents at Mamaw and Bumpas.

Had to get a picture of Macee in her furry coat!!!

Macee patiently waiting present time :)

This is ONE of Macee's new toys, Landon likes telling her what everything is and how it works, it makes him feel old and important!!! hehe.
We had such a great Christmas, we are very blessed to have such a wonderful family around us!! I can only pray that every Christmas is filled with such great memories as this one. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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