Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend:)

We had a great weekend. We spent pretty much 3 days in the water! My parents pool was just finished and we went over there to swim on Saturday, Sunday, and again for little bit today. I only remembered my camera today when we went over there, figures!! The water was pretty cool in the pool, so Macee loved to play in the hot tub. It was set at about 85 degrees, so it was just right for her!

Of course, sweet Stella was there for the fun:)

I just love Macee in swimsuits!!! She has 4 of them and I just think she is sooooo cute in them!!!

Landon is already turning into a little fish!

Macee getting dried off by Mamaw.

I love my sweet new puppy!!! She is the sweetest thing and sooo darn CUTE!!!!

Marc has never been much of a dog lover.... Hopefully, Stella can fix that!

Landon and Marc had fun doing crazy things off the diving board. Landon started doing front flips today. We are still working on his diving;)


Monday afternoon we went over to our friends house for baby
Camdon's first birthday party. We had so much fun!!!

Macee and Bryson are so sweet together! He calls her his girlfriend:)

Landon and Jadon have been buds for 3 years now, they have played baseball together since they were four.

They were reaching for eachother... so sweet!

My friend Nikki is amazing and made these cupcakes herself!!!!

Marc and the birthday boy having some fun!

Landon thinks Snugg is "so cool" and loves hanging out with him. Snugg was trying to teach Landon some new dance moves!

This would have been a cute picture of Nikki and I! Thanks alot MARC!!!!!

We had such a fun weekend in the water and sun! Can't wait to have many more just like it this summer!!!

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  1. You look awesome Christy! I wish my shoulders and arms looked as good as yours!! Stella is going to be such a big dog. Your parents pool looks awesome. And your friend needs to open up a cupcake business!