Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Gymnast!

Macee had her last class at Little Gym last week. I think we will put her in gymnastics again in the fall but at an actual gym here in town. She loved going to little gym and really started to surprise me on what she could do!

They always hand out medals and cookies on the last day of class. This is Macee and Bryson. It was so cute when we were taking their picture, Macee got a really funny look on her face, and then she put her arm around Bryson!!!! It was soooo cute!
Me and my baby

Little Monkeys!!!!!

The bars are Macee's favorite thing. She played on them that day for 25 minutes straight!!!!! She can hang on them for so long and swing her legs back and forth. It is amazing how little kids can hold their bodies up that long!!! It was like she was a little feather just blowing back and forth!

Maybe, I will have a little gymnast some day:)

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