Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neighborhood buddies!

We play outside EVERY night with our great group of friends!!! The kids have so much fun together and look forward to it every night after dinner.

Macee loves it as well and will cry at the door until we head on out to enjoy the HEAT!!!!
It is to hot for her to wear her clothes outside! Besides, who doesn't like to see a little sweet baby in their diaper?!?!

Tonight the kiddos tied the wagon onto the Escalade and went around and picked up "trash" (toys) and put them in the back of the wagon. They were playing "Garage Man".

It is really cute when two sit in the car and the rest ride in the wagon and they pull each other around:)

This would have been a great picture, if my child wasn't a nutcase!

1 comment:

  1. totally jealous!! How awesome is it to have such great friends near by. I want to move in next door to you so Maddy and Luke can play outside every night with friends!